Michelle & Matilda’s Morning Coffee Run

Michelle Williams, a bundled up Matilda – who turns 3 Tuesday Oct. 28th and her nanny went for morning coffee at a local coffee shop in Brooklyn Friday morning.

Michelle’s new film Synecdoche, will open in theaters on November 14th. The film, directed by her boyfriend Spike Jonze is about a struggling theater director, and the women in his life.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Bethany

    If you look at the picture where the nanny is facing the camera, you can see that both Michelle and Matilda are holding on to her. Help save us from the paparazzi! 😛

  2. Twyla

    Love her!
    Where can I get that hat Matilda has?

  3. Queen of the LaLa Land

    How about someone shows these pictures to Mr. and Mrs. Cruise with a written note “This is the way to dress your child during the chilly season”?
    Matilda is truly precious. (:

  4. Rosy J

    How cute is Matilde dressed up so adorably for the climate? She could not look any cuter.

  5. hannah

    That’s not Matilda’s nanny. Matilda’s nanny is tall and blonde, not short and dark.

  6. Isbell

    I love Matilda, she’s so cute and adorable. Michelle is a great mom.

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