Happy 5th Birthday Grace Burns!

Name: Grace Burns

Birthday: 25 October 2003

Parents: Christy Turlington & Ed Burns

Siblings: Brother Finn, 2 ½

Fun fact:

• Grace often enjoys playdates with Apple Martin!

Christy on Grace,

““[Grace is] so used to seeing me in a pair of men’s jeans, or my yoga clothes, that I get an ‘Oooh, Mommy!’ even when I wear something like this,” Turlington says, pointing to her casual yoke-collared trapeze dress. “Though it’s black, so it’s not her favorite.””

Visit here to see more of Grace

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  1. Bianca

    Seriously, for a minute I totally read that as “Grace often enjoys playdates with Apple Martinis”

    Then I realized you meant Gwyneth’s girl…

  2. hannahmumma

    gosh…she’s a beauty……happy birthday grace!

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