Nicky Byrne: “Parenthood In One Word? Chaos!”

Summing up parenthood:

Nicky: “It’s chaos!”

Georgina:“We’ve been married for five years, after going out for nine or ten years before that. We said when we got married that we became even closer, and that was an amazing feeling. But when children come on board it’s a different thing altogether. But it was tough in the beginning. Now it’s chaos, as Nicky says, but good chaos! From the day we had the babies, it’s been like a whirlwind. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Having twins in comparison to one baby:

G: “I think it’s harder as well as a blessing! There came a time when a few of our friends who had babies at the same time as us said, ‘It’s getting easier now, isn’t it?’ And we looked at each other doubtfully: ‘Hmmm. . . is it?’ It’s great that each of the boys has somebody to play with, and so there are a few moments when their interaction means we get a little time to interact together too! It’s pretty special now they’re starting to chat to each other and have a real little friendship.”

Continue reading for how they coped with having premature twins, the boys’ personalities and having more kids

Having a nanny:

G: “We didn’t, because they boys were eight weeks early and in special care for a month. So by the time we took them home we just wanted them to ourselves. We seriously wanted all the cuddles for ourselves. It’s lucky that we’ve had so much family around us – both our parents and our sisters, all offering to sit for us and help out.”

Twins often arriving early:

G: “I’d half thought that they’d come four, maybe six weeks ahead of time. But eight weeks caught us off guard. I was only back three days from being on tour with Nicky and I’d though I had weeks to prepare.”

Having the twins eight weeks premature:

G: “We gained extra time with them because we had them sooner – that’s the way we see it. But when you are not used to it, it is frightening to see such tiny babies wired up to an incubator. We were always reassured that they were perfectly healthy. But having had them literally with me throughout the pregnancy it was upsetting that they now couldn’t sleep beside me.”

N: “As a father, I found it very hard to see what Georgina was going through, with the babies taken away to a different part of the hospital. There were a lot of tears.”

Having the five kids they previously said they wanted:

N: [Laughs] “I don’t know about the five, but we’re definitely going to have more children. Though we need a lot more sleep first! We shouldn’t shy away from adding to the family, with two little boys around the house and no girls. I think we need a girl, but whatever God sends us. . .”

Rocco and Jay’s personalities:

G: “They’re quite different. I don’t like to label them because they change so much every week, but Jay has quite a calm character, though he can be a little monkey too, with a real sense of humour. Rocco is more feisty, but very tactile and loving, wanting to hold your hand. Like Jay, he’ll come up and plant a little kiss.

“Jay was born second at 3lbs 11oz, but he’s slightly bigger than Rocco, who weighed in at a very tiny 2lbs 14oz. In those early days we’d literally sit and watch them grow. Rocco really got his name because from the start he was our little fighter. We chose Jay’s name as teenagers when we first started to dream about the family we’d have. We thought it sounded cute and cool!”

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Photos: Scanned by CelebrityBabyScoop from Hello!

Hello! Magazine, Issue 1043, 21 October 2008, Pg 4-16

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