Happy 2nd Birthday Francesca!

Name: Francesca Nora Bateman

Birthday: 28 October 2006

Parents: Jason Bateman & Amanda Anka

Siblings: None

Facts about her:

• In the past, she has had a playdate at the park with Frances Pen Benioff!

• She often accompanies dad on set but hasn’t had a playdate with Violet (daughter of dad’s once co-star Ben Affleck) as dad says Violet hasn’t returned Francesca’s calls!

Jason on Francesca,

“I just like to throw her around. She’s a real good snuggler and she likes to give kisses and hugs. And her neck smells fantastic! You just want to ball her up and stuff her in your pocket. I’m doing all that until she gets too big and doesn’t want to kiss her dad anymore.”

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  • bron

    She is absolutely adorable!! Love the last photo, she looks like a mini movie star! Too cute. Happy birthday!

  • Isbell

    Soo cute! what a beautiful girl. She does look like a mini movie star in that last photo lol

  • Regna

    Happiest of birthdays to sweet little Francesca!

  • Jenna

    Yeah, I agree. She’s just a tot, but she has that old Hollywood movie star look. She is going to be a heart breaker!

    Love to see pictures of her and her family.

  • d

    no way to tell she’s a Bateman. huh? 🙂 She looks exactly like her daddy and Aunt Justine!!

  • Rosy J

    Happy Bday to the adorable Francesca. Have fun with dad and mom. Lots of hugs and kisses. xoxoxo

  • Ada

    Francesca really is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL celebrity child out there today! She FAR SURPASSES Suri, Shiloh, Valentina, Violet; and is probably “neck-in-neck” dead EVEN with Halle Berry’s Nahla !!!
    Let’s see more pics of both Francesca AND Nahla!
    Oh, P.S. Lisa Bonet’s baby daughter Lola is also a REAL CUTIE! Let’s see more of her too, please!

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