The Smith Family Escapes To Africa

Will Smith and his wife Jada took kids Jaden, 10, and Willow, 8 on Halloween, to the Los Angeles premiere of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, California over the weekend. Jada voiced Gloria the hippo for the second time in the movie.

Jada and Willow were featured in this month’s Cookie magazine.

Photo: Tuukka Jantti/; L. Martinez/Splash News

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  1. brooklynmom

    Wow, these kids look like the conceited, arrogant, spoiled and unappreciative hollywood brats that so many of the celebrity couplings seem to produce in an attempt to make us believe that they are straight. Mazeltov!

  2. Rosy J

    That comment is beyond rude. Jealous much?

  3. Sherry

    Why is Will’s left hand so swollen?

  4. nan

    What on earth are those children wearing?
    Especially the daughter….. Won’t there be plenty of time to dress like that
    when she’s a grown adult?
    Just my opinion. Definitely not jealous by any means.

  5. Sadie00

    Not jealous do agree – Willow is dressed too old for her age. I had to scroll back and check that she’s eight! Eight is still a child – not even a preteen.

  6. Janie

    These kids look ridiculous the way they are dressed. They are only kids.

  7. Lora

    I personally don’t see the big deal with what they are wearing. They are just being their own “individuals”. You guys are just so critical of others. What are your kids wearing to school today? What you put them in or what they put on under their clothes to later take what you put them in off. It’s a proven fact that 8 year olds will do this. MINE DID!

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