Tricia Penrose Introduces Son Freddy Jay

On collapsing two weeks before the birth: “I went to Tesco to do a little shopping and I just went. I was with Mark’s mum and I remember telling her I felt really sick and strange and then the room started spinning around. The next thing I woke up lying on the floor with all these shoppers standing around me. I was taken into hospital and put on a monitor and my blood pressure had really dropped. Then I started having contractions so they gave me some drugs to stop them and eventually I was allowed home.”

On finally meeting baby Freddy: “It was just an amazing feeling, to see his face and what he looked like. He lay next to me and I was completely besotted. I held him and it was such an overwhelming feeling that I started crying my eyes out. I remember saying to him, ‘You are the most gorgeous precious angel.’”

Continue reading to read how Tricia can’t stop kissing her new baby and his nursery covered in crystals

On how she can’t stop kissing her new baby: “Beforehand I could never imagine loving another human being as much as I love Jake and I was so worried about it. But now Freddy’s here I can’t believe the love I have for him. He’s a little love – he’s very content – and I’m all gaga over him; I can’t stop kissing him and holding him.”

Tricia’s husband Mark adds: “The memory of that moment is like a still in my head. I could see an instant bond between them and I just remember Tricia’s eyes and Freddy’s eyes, like magnets looking at each other. I looked at them and felt that the family was complete. I felt we had got the whole package – two lovely boys – and I felt so happy and lucky.”

On being content with two boys: “People say, ‘Oh, you must be disappointed that you’ve got two lads?’ Not at all. We wanted two boys. I think boys are more loving and girls are hard work. I know from what I was like growing up with my mother – I was a cow! Teenage girls are dead secretive and you worry about them more. And two is enough, we are really happy as we are – an extra one would really throw us.”

On Freddy’s nursery walls being decorated with 1,000 Swarovski crystals: “We wanted something a bit different to the traditional blue nursery for a boy. I love my bling – I’m obsessed with anything shiny – so we thought the crystals on the wall would be lovely. The whole room seems fresh and clean; I couldn’t wait for Freddy to move into it.”

On how Mark has helped: “ He has been fantastic and has done everything. I was in pain following the Caesarean, so Mark did the shopping, cooked my teas, bathes Jake and Freddy and did the night feeds. He took three weeks off work. We are a team and I feel very lucky.”

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Photos: Scanned by CelebrityBabyScoop from Hello! Magazine

Hello! Magazine, Issue 1044, 28 October 2008, Pg 34-42

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