Tom, Katie & Suri Monkey Around!

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Suri left their apartment in NYC on Monday with stuffed animals in hand. The trio got into a waiting car and headed off for the day.


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  1. concerned

    put some pants or tights on that poor kid! mom and dad are in sweaters. there are photos of michelle and matilda from the same day that show them totally bundled up. it’s craziness!

  2. Ausnicknick

    I completely agree! Poor Suri must be cold all the time. Either that or she has some sort of disorder where her temperature doesn’t regulate properly!

  3. d

    poor little rich girl…..I wonder if she is ever in the company of other children? seems she is always around adults.

  4. Cords

    I thought it was just me wondering why she is never in a coat or bundled up like her parents. Katie or Tom would usually wear some sort of cover up but the child is always walking around like its summer for goodness sake!!


    Shame on Tom and Katie, if they feel the cold how do they figure their child does not! 🙁

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