Gavin Rossdale: Zuma Is ‘Sweet’

We got our first glimpses of 10-week-old Zuma Rossdale yesterday, and his dad, Gavin Rossdale, talked about his son to Us Weekly at Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood bash last week.

“He’s amazing, he’s very sweet,” pop Gavin Rossdale told “He hangs out,” Rossdale added. “He’s got his neck together. He’s gone through with the floppy stage.”

He also commented about Kingston, 2, being a big brother,

“Every day starts with a cuddle for his brother or a slap and then he moves on,” Rossdale told Us. A slap? “Not often, every now and again,” he said. “It’s normal, it’s natural.”

For a hi-res version of the picture of Gwen and Zuma, head to No Doubt’s official site. The picture was taken by Gwen’s father, Dennis Stefani!

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  • I think Gwen looks so pretty in this picture, and Zuma is adorable.

  • Julia

    Gwen is wonderful on this picture, anything is more beautiful than a mother and her baby. And Zuma has amazing blue eyes !! Love them ^^

  • Jodi

    Love the eyes!!

  • Anonymous

    I love the pale lipstick on her, she looks radiant!

  • Domana

    I’m eighteen months older than my little sister and my parents tell me that I used to walk up and slap her when she first arrived home, until I adjusted to her being there! That story about Kingston adjusting to Zuma is really cute, he will get over the jealousy soon.

  • Anonymous

    its funny reading this story a year and a half later because kingston clearly NEVER got over that jealousy….poor thing. it has to be hard to be the center of attention in your whole world between mommy and daddy and the nannies and then all of a sudden this very cute and very sweet little baby comes home with your mommy one day and all of a sudden you’re not the center of attention AT ALL. you can clearly see this is when kingston started being photographed having a lot of behavior issues-the tantrums, the crying, the hitting of the nannies, him hitting gwen… and so on and so forth. and because they feel guilty i think and don’t really know how to parent thru it, they just kind of indulge kingston and it’s gotten so much worse, instead of being a phase it’s become a permanent part of his personality…. i don’t think it will get any better until he starts going to school or preschoo on a daily basis and getting his own world back and learns how to deal with his emotions in a healthy way….which is quite normal for some kids, but i don’t like how Gavin immediately tried to smoothe over the remark about kingston smacking or hitting him as a baby because that’s not normal or natural or healthy behavior in the least…..that statement right there actually clarifies a lot to me that i have seen inthe way this family acts toward eachother, or at least the dynamic that is caputred in photos. and video.

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