Jennifer & Violet Out And About

Jennifer Garner and who is expecting her second child with Ben Affleck this winter, was spotted out and about with their smiling daughter Violet, 2 1/2, in New York City today. The two were headed to the Children’s Museum in Soho. I bet Violet got lots of candy when she went out trick-or-treating last night!


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  • Meg

    jennifer must hate her pregnant body, she covers it up with the most unflattering clothes. naomi watts and others buy cute comfy maternity stuff and jen seems to not want to do that.

  • Alisa

    Jennifer doesn’t try to dress glam in her personal time. she often chooses regular t-shirts and jeans. Why should that change now that she’s pregnant? shes also got a lot of hormones going crazy as well, and other things to think about.

  • Dea

    @Meg, some moms prefer to be practical/functional in terms of clothing especially when they got another kid who is active. I think she got better things to do than looking at herself in the mirror trying to match her skirt with oh, I dont know..a glittery belt?
    On topic: saw in E!news they said she is due in Spring? is that true?

  • Leandra

    That’s a stupid comment. Jen looks fine, quite happy with her pregnant body. She’s a busy mom and dresses up when it’s appropriate. For running around taking Violet grocery shopping or to fun kid things she dresses casually and comfortably like I’m sure the vast majority of pregnant women do.

  • @ Dea – No way! I think she’s definitely due this winter sometime. Of course no one knows for sure, but I don’t think so.

  • Rosy J

    Meg, on the contrary I think Jennifer is very proud of her pregnant body. I think the clothes she wears accentuate her baby bump. Like Alisa said, she has always been a t-shirt/jeans kind of girl. Her pregnancy style is no different. We don’t know for sure but that baby will most likely be here by Christmas if not Thanksgiving. Wanna bet?

  • I don’t think she ever looks bad, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some cuter stuff on her!

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