Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To The Park

Yesterday was family day for Gwen Stefani and sons Kingston, 2, and Zuma, 10 weeks! They grabbed something to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Echo Park, where they were joined by Gwen’s brother, Todd, and his wife, Jen, and then they bought some toys at Toys’r’Us for the birthday party they were heading to.

The last stop for them was a park near Dodger Stadium in Silverlake for the party, where Gwen’s parents, Dennis and Patti, and her other brother, Eric, met up with them. There was food and music, and everybody danced! Well, everyone except little Zuma, who couldn’t quite last the whole trip and napped with Grandma.

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Thanks to Sue.

Photos: Faccio/BrunoPCC/Splash News; Andrade, Butterworth,

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  1. Meghann

    Gwen looks amazing!!!!!!!! Kingston and Zuma are gorgeous!!! Celebrity Baby Scoop always has the best quality pics!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sue

    Good to see Eric there as well.
    Great pictures, thankyou.

  3. Thank you, Sue! Please feel free anytime to go “Duh, this person was there, too.”

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