Happy 1st Birthday Ever Gabo!

Name: Ever Gabo Anderson

Birthday: 03 November 2007

Parents: Milla Jovovich & Paul W.S Anderson

Siblings: None

Facts about her:

• Ever’s middle name Gabo, pronounced ‘Gabeau’, is a mixture of Milla’s parents’ names with ‘GA’ for her mum Galina and ‘BO’ for her dad Bogie!

• Milla was in labor for 72 hours before she gave birth to her daughter

Milla on Ever’s 1st Birthday,

“I’m the worst at planning stuff like that. But for her party, I have to plan something. It will be pretty relaxed. Too many people in the house [can be] too much” for Ever, she said. “The fact is, I just have to bring her down after her nap and take some shots with the other kids, and send her away. She’ll just freak out.””

Visit here to see more of Ever

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