Katie & Suri Out And About

Actress Katie Holmes was pictured out and about in New York City tonight with daughter Suri, 2. Paparazzi seems to have eased off little Suri – we haven’t seen her in five days.

Photos: MARIO MAGNANI/bauergriffinonline.com; Tom Meinelt-Jackson Lee/Splash News

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  • Jessica

    So once again. Katie is in a turtle neck and a jacket. Suri is wearing a dress. No stockings. And a blanket. Wow thanks MOM!

  • Rachel

    At least it’s a long sleeved dress! YAY! LOL Tights would have made the outfit perfect 😉

  • Eleanor

    i really dont know why she hasnt got tights on, or at least socks she must be freezing
    has anyone else noticed that it always seems to be dark when suris photographed, it looks past her bedtime
    she is adorable though

  • Janie

    Please put a coat and tights on Suri!

    She is the cutest little girl.

    Everytime I see a picture of her I smile!

  • She looks fine to me and her parents love her, I’m sure they would put tights on her if they thought the cold was hurting their child.

  • Lora

    Thank you Sarita! I think all thi scoat thing is over-the-top. I was a child that never liked wearing a coat. I still don’t to this day. I am fine. None of my limbs froze off, my mind is in tact. I think Suri probably doesn’t like the bulkiness of a coat. I feel ya Suri!

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