Sarah Jessica & Matt Vote With James

Matthew Broderick and wife Sarah Jessica Parker headed to their local voting precinct today to cast their votes, and they brought along son James Wilkie, who just turned six. We already knew who Matthew was voting for, but it seems the entire family is pro-Obama – check out their pins! After his parents voted, if was off to school for James.

Photos: Doug Meszler/Splash News

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  1. cyberkitten38

    ughh..not too many things really bother me..but man the fact that this child always looks like he’s never well-groomed REALLY does. Gawd, run a friggin brush through his hair already!

  2. Janie

    That kid’s hair looks crazy!!! Please cut it!!!

  3. Nicole

    I LOVE them but seriously they have got to get that kiddo longer pants. Its really bugging me. I’m not even worried about the hair..but the pants are clearly high waters. SJP is beautiful as usual.

  4. Lala

    that kid looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

  5. nosoupforyou

    The kid looks neglected. Pants that don’t fit, hair that is neither combed nor cut.


  6. Dea

    Matthew always looks angry/grumpy (but mostly when he is with SJP). I f he is that unhappy with the marriage, why does he stay?

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