Halle & Nahla In Canada

Halle Berry and her 7-month-old baby girl, Nahla Ariela Aubry, arrive at their hotel after a long day of shooting her latest movie Frankie and Alice. Halle is starring and co-producing the new project being shot in Vancouver, Canada.

Halle recently stated that she’s still learning how to balance all of the demands of motherhood.

Photos: DZilla/Bauergriffinonline.com

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  • gia

    i think nahla looks a lot like her mummy here.

  • Kaylee

    Gia, me too. Nahla looks different in every photograph. But in this one she looks more like Halle. In earlier pictures she looked like Gabriel. But you know babies started to come into their own looks around 12mons. Well I know my bf’s son Jordan did.

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