Larry Birkhead Filming Reality Show

Larry Birkhead – who has been in the news a lot lately – has revealed that he is currently taping a reality show for the E! network – and his daughter Dannieylnn, 2, will be a part of it.

“They’ll follow me around as I raise Dannielynn on my own,” Larry says. “And they’ll follow me while I look for love and go on dates. I’m a dad who’s single and who’s struggling to put the pieces together for his daughter.”

The show will also follow Larry’s ongoing custody battle with Dannielynn’s grandmother, Vergie Arthur.

“Virgie won’t be at Thanksgiving dinner,” Larry jokes.

Larry also plans to include people from Dannielynn’s late mother Anna Nicole Smith’s life as well, including her old assistant, Kim, and Anna’s friend Bobby Trendy.

“My family will be a big part of it, too. It’ll be a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. That’s what my life is all about!”

Source: Life&Style print edition, November 17

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  • emily

    please don’t.

  • Peta

    I’m with Emily.

  • Rosy J

    I agree with Emily and Peta. I wish he would reconsider.

  • Dea

    All aboard on the gravy train!!

  • I was so disappointed to read this – I was hoping he was serious about taking her away from Hollywood. I guess not.

  • Anne

    Larry Birkhead impregnated mentally ill, drug addicted, middle aged woman for the fame and money.He sells pictures of Dannielynn to tabloids.Dannielynn is his cash cow and only source of income.Now he wants to exploit a motherless child on “reality show”. It’s Anna Nicole and Daniel all over again!! What is next, beauty pageant? Is Dannielynn next JonBenet Ramsey, exploited, dead child? Birkhead is gay paparazzo/ failed actor, he will never be a star in Hollywood.He is lazy, greedy loser and child exploiter.

  • twyla808

    EXPLOITATION!! what a scumbag. He had said that they were going to live a quite life out of the media’s eyes, and yet here he is contradicting everything that he said he wouldn’t do. Thats tragic.

  • LP

    The way I see it, people have no right to whine about this. Anna Nicole Smith tried like hell to warn everybody about this guy. She even said in her last interview that he was just out for money and fame. Well guess what! Looks like Anna might have been a little bit right! Imagine that!

  • robyn

    I feel sorry for Dannielynn, she will not have normal, safe, quiet childhood. Birkhead is gay, Anna knew that, in fact, everybody in Hollywood knew that.He lived with his boyfriend Byron Williams, hairdresser, when he met Anna.She wanted her baby to look like M.Monroe, her idol. Very sad.

  • Laura

    um why are people against things like this, yet love jon and kate plus 8? i see no difference. Jon and Kate would not be able to get by without the money they make off the show and they get everything for free because it is shown on television.

    double standards.

  • Lala

    I disagree, Jon and Kate plus 8 is NOTHING like this sad situation. Larry is a nobody, he knocked up a famous broad and is milking it for all its worth. That poor little kid, she already has it rough but now he plans to highlight his custody disputes, bring unsavory people into the picture all for some extra cash..

    And back to John and Kate plus 8, they are a loving family unit with friggin sextuplets and twins, its INTERESTING and not exploitative and so what if they are making money to support their family, no one is getting hurt or put in potentially emotionally damaging situations, its just good clean fun.

  • Laura

    maddy hates being on the show. she refuses to talk about it with her friends at school and have asked her parents to stop. even jon and kate have admitted that. how is that not damaging her?

  • Lala

    Still not even a comparison to the vileness that is going to be this trainwreck of a show. Anyting on E! should not include kids….

  • Laura

    no children should NEVER be featured on a regular reality show. it makes absolutely no difference what it is. The Gosselins are going to end up just as messed up. They have no privacy what so ever. I think it says something that cameras are allowed in the kids rooms but not in Jon and Kate’s room. Shouldn’t the kids be allowed privacy too?

  • Laura

    sorry i meant no children should EVER. not never.

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