The Watts-Schreibers Stroll Through Soho

Naomi Watts and fiance Liev Schreiber laughed and chatted with each other on a walk through Soho today, while their serious son Sasha, 15 months, took in the sights. They seem to be giving Sasha lots of one-on-one time before the birth of his younger sibling this winter, don’t they?

Photos: Flynet

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  • Leandra

    This baby rarely smiles. I may have seen one photo where he was.

  • amanda

    HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile or doesnt..all you think of wanting to do is giving him the biggest smooch on that adorable face of his. im kinda getting sick of reading comments that he doesnt smile…

  • I find it cute that he doesn’t smile all the time – you have to earn a smile from him, I bet. He is adorable.

  • Rosy J

    He is sooo sweet. I love this kid. I just want to give him a big ole kiss too Amanda. So adorable.

  • Joselynn

    That sophisticated look on his face – ALWAYS! Lol so cute!! I hope Naomi has a girl.

  • bubbles deVere

    Stoned again. i think the kid is part Jamaican.

  • Joselynn

    I don’t see how some unappropriate comments are allowed on here.

  • Joselynn, what comments do you believe are inappropriate?

  • Rinoa

    I’m assuming she means the Jamaican comment. It is pretty inappropriate….

  • I didn’t think it was – it seemed like it wasn’t made to be mean, it was supposed to be wry humor. We only moderate comments that are directly attacking other commentors or completely insulting – as in, you can tell they are completely mean-spirited. I didn’t think that comment was?

  • bubbles deVere

    Oh, lighten up already, I’m part Jamaican. Or did you really need another comment about how cute and adorable and perfect and kissable and smoochiepoo the little munchkin is?

  • Dea

    I think people are entitled for their opinion but like what Nicole said, as long as it’s not mean-spirited/insulting people need to lighten up. I’d rather read more colorful posts than a monotonous sugar coated ones.

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