Sharon Stone & Roan Have A Date Night

Sharon Stone and her 8-year-old son Roan were spotted leaving the Hollywood Bowl Saturday evening after attending an event together.

In September Stone, 50, denied claims of wanting to inject Botox into Roan’s feet to stop them from smelling. The judge involved in the bitter custody battle between Stone and Bronstein cited the alleged remark as an example of Stone’s overreaction to Roan’s medical issues — she then lost a bid to move Roan from Phil’s home in San Francisco to her house in Los Angeles.

Sharon also has two other sons, Laird, 3, and Quinn, 2. 

Photo: Flynet

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  • Dea

    Hmm..who should I believe, the whacky Sharon or an experienced judge, who uses logic and reasoning skill? DUH, obviously the latter!

  • happy

    Phil Bronstein have a lot of pull in his home town because he’s a big deal in San Fransisco. However, you cannot judge people based on what each party says about each other during a bitter custody fight. On both side will lie to get what they want. So, my advice to the people who are outside looking in, shut up!

  • Isbell

    I don’t se whats so wrong with using botox to make his feet stop smelling? if it helps, its only good.
    The botox is for a medical cause, not for beauti.

  • Dea

    @Happy, I think you should just chill, you totally contradict your user name. This is a baby celeb blog NOT CNN, so who are you to tell everyone to Shut up?!!

  • Pencils

    People say nasty things during custody battles, and what might have been a joke by Sharon got reported as serious by her ex as a weapon in their fight. And it’s easy to make an actress look like she’s flighty and silly, even if she’s not, because that’s how Hollywood people are perceived outside of the business. Personally, I think it’s too bad when parents can’t work together for the best interest of the child. From what I understand, Sharon wanted her son to go to school in LA with her other kids, but his father wanted his son to stay in San Francisco. I think I side with Bronstein; Sharon Stone was the one who wanted to move, it’s not fair to make Bronstein move also, or to deprive him of the daily contact with his son.

  • Anonymous

    that little boy looks so much like maria sharapova

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