Larry Birkhead Auctioning Dannielynn’s Clothing For Charity

After revealing that he is moving out of Anna Nicole Smith’s house and filming a reality show, Larry Birkhead has decided to put his 2-year-old daughter Dannielynn‘s old baby clothes and toys up for auction on eBay. The proceeds will go to Camp Kindle, a charity that cares for children affected by HIV or AIDS.

The items include designer dresses, pajamas, swimsuits, as well as outfits the little girl wore for photoshoots. Larry says he chose Camp Kindle because Anna Nicole filmed an episode of her reality show there,

“It was the first time I really saw Anna Nicole out of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood,” Birkhead writes on his Web site. “She stayed for over a week and helped the kids and formed relationships with many of them. Hopefully, the money donated from these items can help these children in need by funding their trips to camp.”

To see the items, most of which start at $10, head here.

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  • Wow she sure has a lot of shoes and clothes! And she is playing in a dress, maybe this will prove to some people that it is possible 🙂

  • ally

    Birkhead doesn’t want to stay away from spotlights. Anna Nicole is dead and he has to find a decent job .He will never be a Hollywood star.People will always asssociate him with PATERNITY SCANDAL and other nasty things Anna Nicole did. Dannielynn deserves quiet, normal life not constant tabloid exposure and gossip.I thought Birkhead learned some lessons from Anna Nicole’s and Daniel’s tragic life.

  • MJP

    Well, at least the clothes are going to a good cause. however, i’m still a bit confused- what exactly makes dannielynn a celeb baby????? Dannielynn is a cute kid, don’t get me wrong, but she is not a celeb baby- she’s the daughter of two media whores, one who is a washed up photog and the other only rose to B status celeb because of her manipulation of the legal system.

  • Jenna

    This man does not care about anything but using this child as a cash-cow. It’s such a shame the kind of life this innocent beautiful child is being forced to live. The mother was nothing more than a drug addict who’s life was filled with nothing but turmoil. The entire paternity stuff, with people left and right claiming to be her father, is just embarrasing. And that’s what she’s been exposed to. This useless man who’s claiming to be a good father, is a horrible human being. He’s done nothing at all but parade this kid in the media like she’s an item. After everything that’s happened, he should seclude her and keep her away from the media so she can at least, have some sort of normalcy and childhood.
    I’m almost certain she’s going to grow up and hate this useless man after she sees exactly the kind of person he is.

  • mj

    boy he will do anything to stay in the limelight. he is the most insincere person i’m ever seen.

  • noodlemonkey

    I’m with the others: although it’s nice to see him doing something for charity, it would be even nicer if Larry stopped exploiting his child as a full-time occupation.

  • ness

    i think that larry birkhead is doing a great job on looking after and raising his daughter dannielynn i just wish people would just give him a break and leave them alone to live their life in peace.

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