Terri, Bindi & Bob Irwin @ HSM3 Premiere

Terri Irwin took kids Bindi, 10, and Bob, 5 next month, to the High School Musical 3 Australian Premiere in Sydney, Australia. Bob was dressed in the uniform shirt for the Australia Zoo that his family owns. It has now been two years since dad Steve Irwin was killed in a freak stingray accident.

Bindi has her own show, Bindi The Jungle Girl, which airs on the Discovery Kids channel, and there are rumors that Bob may get his own show, too.

Photos: TitoMedia.com.au/Splash News

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  • Rachel

    My daughter loves Bindi the Jungle Girl. I always wonder though if Bindi’s enthusiasm is sincere or if she thinks she has to be that way for her mother and to honor her late father? I do admire though the way they’ve kept their chins up and are always smiling! Beautiful children!

  • Jen

    Oh Teri. A bridemaid’s dress? Really? Oh my word.

  • KDd

    my son Kellen has the same sneakers that Bob is wearing

  • Anonymous

    That’s more like a dress for the 8th grade social dance.

    But on a more positive note, they all look happy and healthy. They seem to have a strong family bond.

  • Dea

    I think Bindi loves to continue her dad’s passion and it’s really great, but a part of me think she also deserves to be just a girl without all that pressure and work.

  • Kris

    I was thinking the same thing as Jen. But they are a cute family.

  • Anonymous

    Listen folks, this is the first time we have seen Terri in anything besides camp shorts and a polo or something similar, so cut her some slack! She looks like she might just have a dab of makeup on too! I appreciate that she is finally doing something with herself.

  • Linda

    I think as long as the children are not being forced to do what they’re doing their life is good. I think growing up doing what you enjoy doing and having a happy life is the best raising you can give a child. They are learning responsibility and having fun doing it. What is a normal life for children? Isn’t it love, needs being met, learning, social experiences and adventure. What an adventure!

  • ana maria

    gente eu amuu de mais hsm
    eu amu os personagens………………

    amu tudo
    amu vcs


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