Cruz Beckham Can’t Wait To Meet Santa

Victoria Beckham took her 3 1/2-year-old son Cruz to The Grove in Los Angeles today. Cruz, who likes dressing up, was wearing a zookeeper outfit, but changed his hat for a Santa hat as they got near Santa’s Village. When the pair reached it and realized it wasn’t open, Cruz started crying and his mom had to comfort him.

Victoria also has sons Brooklyn, 9, and Romeo, 6, with soccer star husband David Beckham.

Photos: Flynet

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  • lizzie

    aw she seems like a good mother.. Cruz is so cute! He is the star of that family! 🙂

  • Rachel

    Awe, bless his little heart. It’s a tough thing to learn disappointment! On a side note, what happened to Victoria? She use to be so pretty and now she’s so gaunt looking and that hair cut does nothing for her?!

  • Katrina

    i think she looks better right now, then she has since she started changing. shes not overly tan, for a while she looked like a pumpkin, the hair is more natural looking and not plastered on her head with a dozen different products, and shes not as thin as she was. its an improvement.

  • Momma Miles

    What a cutie pie, just love the fashion statement. If anyone is interested, I found this on

  • Linda

    KUDOS to Victoria! You all can say what you want to say about Victoria but you can NEVER say that she is not a fantastic mother to her 3 beautiful boys. She is very hands on and attentive, nuturing, and a loving mother and wife. People who say judgemental things about her appearance are more than likely just jealous. Yes, she is thin but she is beautiful, a lovely personality, she has beautiful children, a gorgeous husband, celebrity status and a boat load of money to last a lifetime. Who wouldnt be jealous?…but to slam the way she looks is just cruel and immature.

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