Gavin Rossdale: Zuma Is ‘Buddha-like’

Before joining his family on vacation, Gavin Rossdale spoke to People at the BAFTA/LA’s Brittania Awards last Thursday, where he talked about new son Zuma, almost 3 months.

“He’s super mellow, and at the moment very Buddha-like,” Rossdale says.

Still, wife Gwen Stefani says that Zuma is a bit fussier than his 2-year-old brother Kingston,

“Apparently Zuma’s more trouble, but I thought that he was perfect all the way.”

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And on how being a father changed him,

“What I’ve found from having children is that they just want to make you be better,” said Rossdale. “Beforehand, without children, I think that I was probably more reckless and thinking a bit less about the consequences, and now I want to make sure I’m good for them when they check me out.”

Gavin has been spending time on his career lately, with his first official solo album Wanderlust coming out, but Gavin says that success has come with a price, because being away from his sons leaves him “feeling a bit bad,”

“Like, I left my son. He was on holiday and I left the older one to come here. So I feel bad leaving them.”

Besides his sons, Gavin was asked what the one thing he couldn’t live without is, and his answer?

Grinning, he says, “My wife.”

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