Jack P. Shepherd Getting Fatherhood Advice From Corrie Co-Stars

“Ryan Thomas has just had a baby with Tina O’Brien so I asked him what he did in the delivery room. He told me he was doing the usual holding of the hand and rubbing the back. He has a proper fear of blood though, so I think it was a case of ‘Clean that baby up before it comes anywhere near me’.

His co-stars’ advice,

“But I can walk up to anyone at ‘Coronation Street’ and ask them about fatherhood – there’s loads of people going through the same thing!”

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How Lauren’s ensuring she isn’t missing out,

“Now Lauren can’t drink she doesn’t go out, and if Laurens not going out then I’m not allowed to go out! I haven’t really missed it though, to tell you the truth.”

Lauren added,

“I’ve got a rule that if I’m pregnant, Jack is pregnant!”

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