Shauna Sand & Daughters In Beverly Hills

Shauna Sand, 37-year-old actress and Playboy model, was spotted with two of her daughters in Beverly Hills going into a medical center on Tuesday.

Shauna and her ex-husband, Lorenzo Lamas, have three daughters together: Alexandra, 10 1/2, Victoria, 9 and Isabella, 7.

Photo: Splash

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  1. Rachel

    I’m not going to name names, but someone over tans BIG time!!! Ick!

  2. d

    where did the lucite heels go? Bring ’em back Shauna!

  3. Dea

    Oops, somebody forgot her bra..

  4. Jenna

    OMG she’s actually fully dressed???? She’s still ugly though

  5. Anonymous

    Aren’t those girls exquisite? They put their mother to shame….

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