SJP & James Wilkie Keep It Cozy

Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James Wilkie, who just turned 6, are prepared for the cold weather as they head off to school on a chilly Tuesday morning in NYC.

James was named after Matthew Broderick’s father, the actor James Broderick. His middle name is that of author Wilkie Collins, an author both Matthew and Sarah greatly admire.


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  • I always wondered where his middle name came from! I like his name, James Wilkie Broderick.

  • Georgia Lee

    I have yet to see that child in pants that fit, they are aways to short.

  • Rachel

    With his hair blown out of his face, I noticed for the first time that he has a really nice face! They should give him a shorter, cleaner cut! Personally, I think it would suit him MUCH better!

  • Katrina

    I agree about the pants. if youre going to bundle your kid up, you might as well make sure his pants fit as well. having that huge gap turns pants into wind tunnels.

  • tara

    I agree- his short pants drive me crazy- who dresses this kid??
    Even when we are low on funds- i never let my kids leave the house in clothes that are painfully too small. How embarrassing for the poor little guy.

  • brenda

    I have been thinking the same thing about his pants for a while. I know they can afford some new pants; or are they in denial that he’s growing up?

  • Jenna

    The boy is absolutely adorable… He just seems so down to earth and I think both parents are doing a great job raising him the way they are. It’s possible that he likes his pants like that… Who knows. Whatever the case might be though, I sure hope he’s not wearing high-waters when it starts snowing

  • Julie

    I think SJP is a great mom and I know her son wears hand-me-downs but every picture I see him in his pants are so short! Hand-me-downs are great if they fit properly!

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