Violet Flashes A Big Smile!

Jennifer Garner and Violet Anne stopped by The Rehwold Chapel in LA Monday afternoon. OK! Magazine recently asked Jen’s good friend and former Alias co-star, Victor Garber, if Violet, who turns 3 in December, is as “adorable as she seems”.

“Oh, she is just an astonishing child. She looks just like her mother! She’s her mother’s daughter.”

Jennifer and husband Ben Affleck, expect their second child this winter.

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  • shirilicious

    This kid is so used to paparazzi hanging around that I wonder what will happen when one day the interest in her and her mother fades. Jen should do a better job in shielding her from the public.

  • Lala

    Thats kind of a funny question to ask someone, I mean what are they supposed to say? No, she really isn’t that adorable? 😀

  • Rosy J

    Beautiful mom and daughter.

  • Katrina

    thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard shiri. they bring her to school and on group outings and she carries her most of the time. what exactly should she be doing more to shield her daugther. give me a break! apparently celebrities should stay locked in the house so their kids dont “get too used to having paps around”

  • shirilicious

    Katrina, do you think Julia Roberts is holding her kids on lock down in the house? Or Johnny Depp? Or Matt Damon? What about Ben Stiller? Sarah Jessica Parker’s son is going to school too, occasionally a photo yes, but every single day? Or what about any other celebrities for that matter who have children and aren’t photographed CONSTANTLY while out and about.
    Maybe Jennifer should take a lesson or two from these people.

  • Personally, I think it’s a combination of a lot of things, the biggest being these two –

    1. Where a celebrity lives. If paparazzi know exactly where you live, and where your child goes to school, then you’re bound to be photographed. Brentwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills – all these places are riddled with photogs.

    2. How “cute” the kids is. A lot of people find Violet to be one of the cutest kids out there, so of course pictures of her get sold. And people see Jennifer Garner as “a regular mom” so they want to see her, too.

    So if your kid is cute, and you live in a paparazzi hotspot, you’re going to get photographed. For some reason, there are certain times paparazzi seem to follow and focus on a celebrity, like Naomi Watts right now: about to have a baby, out with her family, and that’s “easy money” for them, so.

  • Kris

    If your a popular celeb you get followed. That is the life !!! Its not the celebrities fault. They choose to be cordial. Good for them. They seem to be a great family. Grow up. Agree with Nicole.

  • Beth

    I think its OBVIOUS that Jennifer is doing a fine job of raising her child and Violet is very well-adjusted to the fact that her parents are celebrities. As Nicole said it all depends on where you live and whos HOT at the moment. Of course James Wilkie (SJP’s son) and her arent going to be photographed as much…they live in NY (not as many photogs there) and shes not really doing anything right now. Therefore shes not in the spotlight too much = not alot of $$ being off’d for their photos.

  • shirilicious

    Everybody is entitled to believe whatever they want to believe. So I certainly don’t need you Kris to tell me to grow up.
    Beth, as for SJP not doing much right now, she had a very successful movie out this past summer. When was Jennifer’s last box office hit with her as the female lead? Was she in anything at least remotely successful other than Juno in the past few years?
    Nicole, I agree with you that it indeed depends on where you’re living. If this was my child I wouldn’t choose to live in Brentwood and then send my kid to a school in Santa Monica, “places riddled with photogs” as you call them.
    And before everybody jumps on me, that is MY opinion, that would be MY choices.

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