Barack Obama: “I Think I’m A Pretty Cool Dad”

Barack Obama may be the new president, but when it comes to parent-teacher meetings, ballet recitals and reading Harry Potter with his girls, he says he’s just like the rest of us.

The new issue of Us Weekly details the special bond between Obama and his daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, and how the President-elect acts like a modern dad too: sharing parenting duties, attending school conferences and scheduling the occasional date night with his wife and “best friend”, Michelle.

During the campaign, Michelle proudly said that Barack is a dedicated family man,

“He’s an incredible husband and father. Not sure if the world knows yet, but they should!”

A former colleague of Michelle’s, Paul Schmitz, added: “The Obamas are true to their word when they say they’re going to balance work and family.”

Earlier this week, Michelle began visiting potential schools for the girls. And even though they’ll have a personal chef, movie theater, and other perks in the White House, they’ll still be focusing on, “homework, chores, dance and soccer,” Michelle said before the election,

“We have to put [the children’s] education…first,” Michelle has said. Barack agreed and added “I think I’m a pretty cool dad.”

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  • Anna

    Mh, i am not sure, if that photo is a good coice for a cover !! He looks hes having a great time with his older daughter. but what about the younger. she looks a bit sad to me.

  • Laura

    i agree. sasha looks really annoyed.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to read either but I agree, not the best picture

  • Jen

    Remember the old days when presidents weren’t part of the celebrity tabloid media? This man’s not an actor, he’s the president-elect. I find this celebrity-politics crossover trend we’ve been seeing to be really unnerving.

  • ivy

    i like that he does interviews like this and goes on the ellen show, it shows he’s a real person.

  • Cesaria

    What days? Pre-JFK days?

  • Dea

    I never realized the eldest daughter looks so much like michelle, so pretty. And I guess it’s comforting to know that even though he is a president elect, we can relate to him in terms of dealing with everyday life structure.

  • charlotte

    way to go president Obama , its’ time the people you serve as president of these united states see a real man with concerns and thoughts on day to day living that involves his family.That picture with you and the girls all laid back is awesome. That person that saw sad on Sasha’s face needs areally good pair of glasses.I’m praying for you, Michelle and girls. Bless you

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