Liev, Naomi & Sasha Go For A Walk

Naomi Watts and fiance Liev Schreiber, expecting their second child this winter, went for a walk in chilly New York City yesterday with son Sasha, 15 months. This time around, Liev traded a carrier for the stroller. Earlier in the day, Naomi ran some errands in the East Village – I wonder if she’s further along than originally thought?

Photos: Ahmad Elatab/SaleemElatab/Splash; Flynet

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  1. shirilicious

    I don’t remember, when is her due date supposed to be?
    She was carrying really big with Sasha too, a lot of people thought she’s having twins. So maybe it’s just another big baby for her ;-).

  2. Us Weekly reported that she was four months along in July, so going by that, she’s like 8 months now, but again, who knows when there’s no official confirmation?

  3. Leandra

    The baby that never smiles. I may have seen one picture where he had a bit of a smile but that’s it.

  4. Dea

    It’s amazing Sasha was willing to wear the gloves, if it was my son, all hell will break loose!

  5. Just me

    I think the baby name is Alex and not Sasha!

  6. They call him Sasha, the Russian equivalent of the nickname Alex. Liev has said so in interviews.

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