Nancy O’Dell Writes Book For Expectant Moms

Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell is releasing a book of tips for moms-to-be next April, In Full of Life: Mom to Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant, her publisher Simon Spotlight Entertainment has announced. Nancy, who gave birth to her first child, Ashby in June 2007, will share everything from unusual cravings to what really goes on in the delivery room,

“When I was pregnant with my precious baby girl, my biggest craving was for information,” Nancy told PEOPLE. “I read every pregnancy book I could get my hands on, but quickly discovered there are many things that are not covered in those books. I wanted to share in a simple, fun and straightforward book all those crazy, unexpected, sometimes disgusting, sometimes hilarious things that happen during pregnancy. That way, new moms-to-be won’t have to be as surprised, or panicked, as I was. These are mom-to-mom tips I wish someone had told me!”

Nancy’s own mom Betty, who passed away in June from Lou Gehrig’s disease, also plays a role in the book,

“After my mom passed away, I found a scrapbook she had made of all of Ashby’s ultrasounds, so I know how much that meant to her. And it reminded me that Ashby has the perfect angel watching over her…always!”

Nancy is married to business executive Keith Zubchevich. She is a spokesperson for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s ALS division.

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  • poppy

    that child looks exactly like a cabbage patch doll.

  • Lala

    Oh she is really cute!!

  • gia

    not to be so critical, but hasnt that book already been written by someone else? “the girlfriend’s guide to pregnancy” ?

  • Francesca

    Also not to be critical, but doesn’t expectant kind of mean that they are moms-to-be?! The title seems a bit redudant.

  • Moore

    I don’t think this book will be very good. I read a little bit of the advice that she will give. It was to give grandparents a copy of the ultrasound. Really? Thats the advice you’re giving? It wasn’t the blurb above which is sweet, it was a different little section. Very dull.

  • Anna Jordan

    I am looking forward to reading Nancy O’Dell’s book. I read a couple of the articles about it and it sounds great. I had those red spots on my chest too when I was pregnant and I freaked out not knowing what they were and none of the pregnancy books told you that you might get them nor did my friends, just like Nancy said happened to her. Oh my, soooo many things happened that I didn’t know would. Nancy is sooooooo right. And I love her on Access Hollywood. She is the only entertainment host who seems real to me.

  • Suzanne

    Here’s a snippit I found on the Access Hollywood website. Sounds pretty informational to me! I think Nancy O’dell is right. I didn’t know these two things.
    “I wish someone had told me to wear a thicker bra for the first month I was pregnant! I had no clue your headlights stay on during the first weeks of pregnancy. I went to the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ set looking happy to see the doctors… a little too happy!” Nancy joked. “Why didn’t someone tell me about this!”

    Another instance, which she hopes to educate expecting mothers on, had Nancy less embarrassed and more worried something was wrong.

    “One day I went to work and the makeup artist asked me what were all the red dots on my chest. I looked down and panicked, thinking I had the measles or mumps,” Nancy recalled. “I speed dialed my doctor and he told me what I was experiencing was normal, that when you are pregnant, you have so much more blood in your body that I was actually seeing the ends of my blood vessels.

  • Dea

    Ooh wonder if I can write my baby book too?

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