Bridget & John Run Errands

Bridget Moynahan ran some errands with her 14-month-old son John in Pacific Palisades yesterday. John’s dad is Bridget’s ex, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Tom has been out with a knee injury that has required multiple surgeries. Bridget is expected to join the cast of TNT’s Bunker Hill alongside Donnie Wahlberg.

Photo: Kevin Perkins

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  • Lovely couple! Bridget is a super mama!

  • Lala

    really attractive family!

  • Kris

    He sure lloks like his Dad. If only they could all be together. Minus Gisselle!

  • shirilicious

    Beautiful mother and son duo.

  • He is a little cutie!

  • Linda

    Obviously looking at the picture, Bridget is a natural beauty. Little John aka Jack is his daddy Tom Brady’s mini me as they look exactly alike. The baby is going to an absolute lady killer with his good genes. These days, Bridget and Tom may not have much in common, but they do make absoutely gorgeous babies!

  • gia

    they both look exhausted to me! she is gorgeous though & he is so serious in the eyes like his daddy.

  • Erica

    I agree they both look a bit tired..sort of like John was up all night with teething pain.(like i have been the past three nights ugh) Bridget is so naturally pretty! I wanna see a smile on John’s face! He never smiles..he does look like quite the serious little thinker.

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