Levi and Grandma Cuddle

4-month-old Levi McConaughey rested comfortable in grandma Multo’s arms yesterday afternoon, while mom Camila and dad Matthew were inside their house in Malibu. The house is currently undergoing construction. Last month, Matthew launched a clothing line under j.k. livin, or “just keep living”, as part of his JK Livin Foundation, which and also acts as a production company. Matthew established it to “help young people live “fuller” lives.”

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  • Olivia

    cuty! nice eyes!

  • gia

    he seems to look totally like his mummys side…

  • tess

    he is cute and he looks so big for 4 months-old.

  • O Levi é enorme pra idade que tem,pareçe um baby de 6 meses já.

  • Johnnie Marie

    Awe Che’r Baby . ( cajun dialect ) meaning too cute .. He could pass for one of mine with his olive complexion and those big brown beautiful eyes.. precious gifts from God… they are, I have 2 children and 6 grandchildren, 5 girls the youngest a boy, he was truely a gift from God ..they all where but , my daughters tubes where cut, tied and burned after her 4th child..and 17 mos later on April 1st he was born ..the Dr’s called him a miracle baby.. he made a tunnel from one tube to the other.. He too was given a name from the Bible , when God Blessed Adam and Eve with another son …Seth .. the name was so appropiate.. he is 4 now and already we know he will be playing for LSU..

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