Thomas Beatie Is Pregnant Again

The so-called “pregnant man” Thomas Beatie – who is still biologically a woman, even though he looks like and considers himself a man – is pregnant with his second child, he revealed to Barbara Walters. Thomas is in his first trimester, and told Walters he did not go back on testosterone after his first child Susan’s birth 4 1/2 months ago on purpose, so he could have a second child.

“I feel good,” he said. “I had my checkups with my hormone level, as far as the HCG. And everything is right on track.”

The baby is due June 12. To see the interview, watch Barbara Walters’ exclusive interview Friday on “20/20” at 10 p.m. ET.

Photo: ABC

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  • Casey

    That is truly sick! Why can’t people just stay the gender God made them? They’re just perverts – perverts that are parents now! Good luck to the kids – they certainly didn’t choose their parents…

  • lizzie

    eeesh.. i know not nice to judge and ppl can live their life how they want.. but really these 2 ladies are bizarre.. just freaks..

  • Katrina

    I fail to see how embracing parenthood makes them perverts. The people affecting those childrens childhood will be you and those who think like you. So.. in the end, would I rather be the close minded person spouting filth about other people or the person born to two loving parents? Hmm lets see..

  • Lulu

    How is it “sick”? They love and take care of their baby. What is “sick” are those supposedly “normal” straight people who have children and abuse or kill them. I am suprised that this site let’s such hateful comments get through. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it is wrong. I think it is sick that Sarah Palin glorifies killing animals and poses with dead, bloody carcasses with her small daughter — I guess she is a “freak” as well. Casey & Lizzie need to grow up.

  • gini

    I feel like he wanted to be a man and was ashamed of being a woman enough to change he should have changed everything about being a woman. I don’t think its right he got to pick and choose which parts of being a woman he got to keep. And all they are is like whoring out their kid and furture kid…selling the pictures and stories and interviews for money. Blech its just gross.

  • Laura

    I agree. two loving parents is never “sick”. for that matter, a loving parent period is never “sick”.

    as for the sarah palin reference, i fail to see what that has to do with anything. they lost the election . . . you already won . . . is the world still goign to have to sit through election slams after the election is over?

  • Casey

    Katrina – You misunderstood my comments. What I said was they are perverts and now they’re parents to an innocent, impressionable child. I take issue with that. And, FYI – these children or children like them will never be “affected” by me. The children are no different, no less special, no less precious than any others. My thoughts and opinions are just that – thoughts and opinions. My concern is for the children – to be born into a freakshow. And, I’d like to add, you’d be lucky to have me as a mother.

  • Casey

    Lulu – what is sick is their lifestyle. They may love and care for their baby, and that’s admirable. And of course I “understand” it, if I didn’t I wouldn’t express an opinion. And “growing up” is what I did for the last 40 years. 🙂

  • tess

    I don’t have problems with people with the same sex live together and have children together. but if she “considers himself a man” why she has biological children? man’s don’t give birth babies. so I think that she don’t know exactly what she wants.
    but that’s not my problem, and it’s their lives so they do what they want.

  • I think, because his wife is unable to have children, that they wanted to do it that way and not adopt. Plus, the only way he can have a biological child is to contribute as a female, because his DNA is female.

    I just have to say, he’s a lot braver than I would be – with his first one only four months! I don’t see how they’re “perverts” though. They don’t go around raping children.

    Oh, and FYI – a lot of transgendered people do not get a sex change for a multitude of reasons: the operation going from female to male is a lot more difficult, and if I’m remembering right, for all transgendered people, getting a sex change often severs all their nerves down there – and thus makes sex kind of pointless b/c they can’t feel anything.

  • allie

    What’s the big deal??? they are 2 people who love each other and want children!!! i mean yea sure it’s different but still when those children grow up they will know they were wanted because their parents went to great lenghs to get them.

  • allie that is an incredibly gorgeous way of looking at it. 😉

  • gia

    i dont thinks they are sick or anything like that, but i feel like its almost like a misrepresentation. “he” still has a vagina & a uterus & no penis…that is a woman, not a man. i am sure there are plenty of women out there with beards. joking! but still, i feel like all the hype is ridiculous & unnecessary. i am also sure all the money they have made from this & are still going to make will come in handy for them. it should all be donated to some transgender cause or something because i feel like they are just being opportunistic at this point. another baby already & the press is already all over it. they are still a lesbian couple in my eyes & he is not a man giving birth, i dont care what his license & all that says.

  • Katrina

    Theyve done research on people who feel they are the opposite sex. There is a section in the brain that is different for men and women. For the transgender people, that section of the brain is the opposite. There have been several specials and studies done on it. Look it up. People dont “choose” to be any gender, nor do they choose their sexual oreintation. Most homosexuals know from a very young age that they like the same sex, instead of the opposite.

    Wishing their children “luck” and saying that they dont choose their parents is insinuating that you expect them to have bad lives and childhoods, becuase of who their parents are. You confirm in the second post that you feel they are being born into a freak show.

    Maybe youre right, Casey, id be lucky to have you as a mother. Its a pity my mother didnt teach me intolerane, cruelty, and hatefulness towards others while i was an impressionable young child.

  • Sammie

    So let me get this right…I can dress up as a guy, shave, call myself a “man”, get pregnant and
    it will make the front page?
    What is the big deal? Unless I missed a day of junior high sex-ed, then only those who have a uterus & vagina (otherwise known as women/female) can get pregnant and give birth to a baby.
    Now, if he/she were to have the sex change operation & then get pregnant…I would be impressed.

  • Mack

    If he considers himself a man, he considers himself a man. It doesn’t matter if he gives birth or never undergoes genital reconstruction – which is HUGELY expensive and not guaranteed to be successful. I admire him for being a loving father and husband. What I do not respect is the amount of publicity he’s subjecting his family to from ignorant jerks like many of the commenters here. It’s not like he’s the first transgender man to give birth.

  • Danielle

    Let’s calm down. While some of you may disgree with Casey’s comments (and you have a right to do so), she is also disagreeing with you (which she has a right to do). We all have hot-button issues that make us crazy – this may be one of hers. Calling people ignorant, immature, and close-minded doesn’t do any good, but shows disrespect.

  • Mack

    I, for one, feel disrespect for people who show others such hate.

  • Bluezy

    The whole thing just gives me the creeps. If they want to be parents and “he” wants to get pregnant…I wish they’d just keep it to themselves. If “he” thinks of himself as a “man” why wouldn’t he let his wife be the pregnant one??

  • Bluezy, his wife had a hysterectomy and can’t have children. 😉

  • Dea

    It’s their choice for having kids but what irks me is the amount of publicity and of course along with that is money, this couple crave. Ok first time it happened, it was definitely a unique story but second time around, where’s the news flash? Is the money pool drying up already?

  • asiah

    I think that people that change their sex is not disgusting. Why be miserable in your body when you can change it. I think no matter how it happens child birth is a beautiful thing. I watched the pregnant man story on Discovery Health Channel and i thought it was very interesting. Especially by what some people say to them. I think it is rude to say bad things about peoples personal choices.

  • Sherry

    Can you imagine this discussion happening in the 1950’s? There IS somehting to be said about the good old days. This is fodder for a sci-fi movie. Poor little Susan explaining all this to her friends someday.

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