Angelina Jolie: ‘Brad Has Always Been There For Me’

Angelina Jolie sometimes really does seem to have it all – a loving partner, a happy family, a successful career, and two jobs that she loves doing – being an actress, and being an activist. But even she didn’t expect it, Angelina says in an interview with the Australian Herald Sun,

“This is such a beautiful time for me. When I look back on my life, I never really believed that I would find this kind of happiness on so many different levels. I think I trained myself to expect less, but meeting Brad and being with him has shown me that sometimes it just takes the right circumstances for you to meet a good man who enjoys being with you and working towards the same goals in life. Brad has always been there for me.”

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On the role in Changeling being hard for her: “It was difficult because the idea of one’s son being kidnapped is one of the worst things any parent can imagine. The loss of a child and not knowing where they are or what is happening to them is probably the absolute worst thing in the world. As a mother, it was harder for me imagining that somebody was abusing my child while they were wondering why mummy wasn’t coming to save them. What made it particularly troubling for me to put myself into this woman’s head was my own relationship with my son Maddox. I just couldn’t shake the thought of him through the whole film.”

Why Maddox in particular: “Because Maddox is my eldest and also because he says things that are similar to what the boy in the film says. I also talk to Maddox the same way I talk to the little boy. So when Brad and I saw the movie we noticed strange similarities, especially when the boy says: “Am I too heavy?” Mad says that all the time. And I tell him: “Oh, never! But one day you’re going to carry me!”

On how she handles being a working mom: “I have a big, wonderful family and I get to travel and be creative with my films and that’s tremendously rewarding and satisfying. I’ve always loved being an actor and the ability to tell stories and express emotions and making a connection with audiences. The publicity that comes with that is a reality of the business and it’s only the paparazzi that is really a bother sometimes when Brad and I are with our children.”

On how she stays positive: “By doing the things which are important and meaningful to you and not worrying about the rest. How can I complain about anything when I wake up in the morning and I’m surrounded by so much love with Brad and our children and the feeling that comes from sharing my life with them?”

On if having twins made things more complicated: “It’s a little more stressful in terms of your time because you have two very tiny babies wanting your attention. But it’s also so beautiful to be part of that. Once you have three or four children, having a few more isn’t going to alter your lifestyle that much. Brad and I have found a way to organise our time with the children and so we stick to that. It’s also a fascinating new experience for me to have twins and look after them and have the other children seem so curious about them. A family is a social unit in its own way and watching the children interact is part of your role as a mother.”

On if Brad was happy to have twins: “He’s just so happy and having twins is something neither of us ever expected and I think that makes it all the more special for us both. When I see how much love is in Brad’s eyes for the twins and for all our children — it’s a very moving experience for me. I never wanted to become pregnant and have children that way unless I had come to know Brad and see how loving he was with Maddox and Pax. So that was a big step for me.”

On how they are integrating the twins into their family: “It’s a matter of indulging the curiosity of the other children and making them feel part of the whole process. Things like helping prepare bottles or changing diapers or doing little things that help me. It all works. Kids are great at adapting.”

On how she’s teaching her kids about religion and culture: “I want to teach them about all religions, and I’m trying to find a way to do that. And when it comes to the subject of adoption, like when my daughter, who’s African, wants her hair to look straight like mummy’s . . . and I look for a Barbie that’s African, and the African Barbie has straight hair! And you know, why has Disney never made a film with an African-American princess?”

Angelina just made a $200,000 donation to UNHCR’s work in Kenya, earmarking $50,000 of it to build a new school for girls at the camp.

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  • Kris

    I just love her.

  • Pumpkins Mommy

    Angelina looks far too hawt for having so many kids – who has the time to look good with kids running around?

  • gia

    blah life is perfect..blah, blah…its great that she is happy, but i am so tired of them on a whole.

  • I love her too – that part about Maddox is so sweet.

  • Rachel

    I think they are a great family, but at the same time, I can’t help but think enjoys making these statements to the press to rub it into JA face. I’m glad she’s happy, but it doesn’t make it right that she stole someone’s husband and she should keep that in mind when making statements. The classy thing to do would be to not talk publicly about how great, loving, supportive, perfect…yadda, yadda, yadda, her stolen husband is. Be respectful.

  • You mean like JA was respectful with her interview with Vogue? It definitely goes both ways, there.

  • Rachel

    I haven’t read the whole Vogue interview, but if your question is in reference to the comment of “what AJ did was uncool”, I don’t see how that’s unrespectable? It’s the truth! Stealing a husband is uncool! I think she should have said it sooner to get it off her chest! She could have said something a whole lot meaner. If someone stole your/mine/a friend’s boyfriend or husband, I think calling the woman uncool would be the nicest thing one could say.

  • Yes, yes, poor Aniston, Angelina tied Brad up and hauled him across the world, forced him to sign divorce papers, etc.

    Any way you feel about it, either they ALL need to never talk about it, or they all can. Unfortunately, it’s Hollywood, so no one will ever stop asking.

  • lisa

    great article, thanks for posting.

  • shirilicious

    I’m getting tired of her, really, really tired.

  • team Jen!

    yes it’s nice she takes in 23945 kids from all over but it’s a nice distraction to the fact that she is a total homewrecker… call it what you want- she is a husband stealing hussie.. total tramp..

  • Sorry, but nobody can break up a marriage that’s working. Especially considering, as someone who was paying attention back in 2003/2004, you could already see there were issues.

  • hannah

    Ahh I’m so tired of all of them: Jen, Brad, and Angelina. Just get over it all of you! I like Angelina, but I’m sooo tired of hearing every quote that comes out of her mouth. I’m glad that she’s happy, but go be happy, you don’t have to tell the press how wonderful your life is, it’s like all these people need constant validation or something, as if they aren’t satisfied until the words “I’m so happy, life is perfect” come out of their mouths.

    And please don’t say things like “Jen couldn’t keep him” because that’s disgusting. Implying that a woman is at fault because she can’t “keep” a man, as if it’s her responsibility, is soo inappropriate. My father left my mother for another woman and it had nothing to do with the fact that she couldn’t keep him, it was the fact that there was something fundamentally wrong with their marriage, and they were both to blame.

    Haha ok rant over, sorry guys 🙂

  • hannah, I apologize.

  • Kim

    Thank you, Nicole. I remember Brad telling anyone who listened that he wanted kids. I remember “Friends” writing a pregnancy story bbecause she was going to try, changed her mind and decided to wait until after “Friends” and then after this movie and then that movie and so on.

    I don’t blame Jen for holding off–the shelf life of actresses is pretty short. But a marriage or relationship is not going to work when the individuals involved have completely opposite goals, wants and needs and neither is ready or willing to compromise.

  • Lala

    the uncool comment that Jennifer said was that spelling out a timeline of when she started seeing Brad, saying it was during filming when he was still married was uncool, that was the only thing she said. And she never said he stole my man, we were happy, any thing like that, she only said that going into details of when they hooked up was uncool. And it is. And it seems like Angelina is just rubbing it in. On one hand I can understand her being happy and and wanting everyone to share in it, but I get what Jennifer is saying too.

  • Ava

    I wish these stars would dress their kids respectfully. I mean these kids look like they are kids that are tossed away and wearing trash clothes. They don’t fit and are just hanging all over them. I don’t know why they can’t put them on a plain pair of jeans and a tshirt or something that at least fits rather than overalls that are hanging off Pax or the too big clothes they wear. And don’t get me started on their hair.

  • hannah

    Thank you Nicole, that’s sweet of you to apologize 🙂

    I love how anything involving Brad/Angelina or Jen always draws a huge debate! Very interesting.

  • maria

    yo la amo, el mundo la ama ¿porque los americanos la odiais?

  • Chanelle

    i dont think the comments on angelina were very fair do you?
    we arent them,nor do we know what really happened.
    its been a long time since ja and brad were together and it clearly wasnt working if they decided to break up,you can help who you fall in love with and just because angelina said they fell in love on mr and mrs smith doesnt mean they acted on it.

    i think we need to just butt out of it as much as possible,its been years and yes ja was hurt but we really dont know what happened.

    angelina has every right to tell people about her family and how happy she is,shes not rubbing it in anyones face shes trying to tell the world how proud of her family she is,like any mother would

    and in regard to the ids clothes i think you’ll find they probably dress themselves,and as their from other cultures i think angie would let them decided what they wish to wear as it might be what their used to,and besides kids run around and get dirty should they all be wearing designer clothes like suri when they’ll only get messy?

  • ivy

    why is she saying ‘mummy’? is she turning british like madonna?

  • ivy, it happens a lot – when a celebrity does an interview with another country like England, ‘mom’ is almost always changed to ‘mum,’ and any other words that don’t directly translate, such as ‘trunk’ and ‘boot’ for cars. They must say “mum” in Australia, too, as well as England.

  • Audrey

    Why do these people talk so much about their families and their lives and why are they so quoted? Simply because they are interviewed and asked. Why are they intereviewed? Because whether you like them or not, these interviews with these very questions, sell.

    So if one doesn’t like them or intends to discount everything they say, then save your money and ignore their articles on the internet. Simple solution.

  • Dea

    OMG, after 3 years of this trio’s saga, the story has not moved on yet??!! I personally think it’s the media, fans (on both sides) and PR machines who are fanning the fire every time they are promoting a movie. Geez, move on people!

  • Antineah

    This is a great interview, I like everything she said, and I’m glad that she is happy.
    And remember that Courtney Cox (Jen’s best friend) said that Brad was honest with Jen and he told her that he was falling in love with Angie. I don’t think that you would say these kind of things to your wife if your relation is still working.
    And Jen says that she has move on and is happy with John, so I really don’t understand the uncool thing!
    And for the clothes I don’t see the big deal, they are dressed like any other child you can meet on the street, one Suri Cruise is enough!

  • Regina

    I totaly understand JA point in saying “it was uncool” When you marry a man you think he’s your future, the father of your children, the one your going to grow old with. When things change and you find someone elks living your future, and knowing that person was apart of your life changing situation, you don’t appreciate the fact that person wants to flaunt the moment your life changed.

    No mater how long it’s been, when you love or loved someone, little comments from the other woman will hurt you. And that makes it uncool.

    I also understand AJ, she wants her kids to know the moment their parents fell in love, but because of when that moment accord they should keep it private. Let only the kids know when the time is right.

  • Ava

    So if a kid grew up in a country where he wore a scrap of cloth, then you adopted him, would you allow him to wear the same type of stuff?
    All it takes is descent fitting clothes that fit properly and to tame their hair somewhat. They look like they just walked into Salvation Army.

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