Calista & Liam @ P.S. ARTS “Express Yourself 2008”

Calista Flockhart and her 7 1/2-year-old son Liam were at the P.S. ARTS “Express Yourself 2008” event in Santa Monica on Sunday.

The 44-year-old actress is the national spokesperson for Peace Over Violence. Her partner is Harrison Ford and together they raise Liam, whom she adopted as a newborn in 2001. During 2008, the threesome spent the summer in Alaska.

Photo: Flynet

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  1. Anonymous

    I do not see why people are saying that Calista is still anorexic. I do not see any bones or ribs sticking out and she looks perfectly healthy. Yes,she is thin but she is curvier now than when she met Harrison. She was way too thin beforeis she met him. She may not be conventionally beautiful but she still is pretty. I think it is stupid about how some people say that their relationship is stupid and she does not care about him or he about her. If you have seen pics and interviews about them over the years and today you can tell that they love each other. Notice the body language and they way theay talk of each other.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry about the typos. I meant to say that she was way thinner before she met Harrison. I also meant to say that they speak very highly of each other. You can tell by their actions that they have a serious relationship. Anyhow, if people find someone they are compatible with than age should not be an issue. People always talk about the complications that come along with age gap relationships but the truth is similiar things can happen to much younger people in relationships or even couples of the same age who have been married for years. One problem that people have with age gap relationships or always wonder about is romantic involvement or intimacy. Just because someone becomes older does not mean that they still cannot be a sexual or romantic person. There are things that can change but if the couple is willing to work things out than good for them.

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