Ireland Baldwin Is All Grown Up!

Thirteen-year-old Ireland Baldwin towers over her 54-year-old mother, Kim Basinger, at the world premiere of Summit Entertainment’s ‘Twilight’ held at the Man Village and Bruin Theaters in Westwood, California.

Kim stars in three movies that are awaiting release later this year: While She Was Out, The Informers and The Burning Plain.

Photo: Splash

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  • shirilicious

    This girl looks tall.. Kim Basinger isn’t short at all, so Ireland (I still find it to be an odd name choice) must be quite tall. I don’t remember ever seeing a picture of her daughter. Definitely has some Baldwin genes.

  • Leandra

    I wonder if Kim is still doing the parental alienation thing…trying to destroy her daughter’s relationship with her dad. Alec himself says that Ireland thinks of him only as a “kindly uncle” and not a dad. It’s too bad they don’t have other children. It’s got to be kind of intense to be “it”.

  • Dea

    wow, and she is only 13?! hope she ends up grounded and more mature than her parents.

  • Tina

    Yes Ireland is very, very tall. I’ve seen pictures of her before where was about two inches shorter than Kim (and they really weren’t recent pictures) so I’m guessing by now she is taller than her mother..

  • lauran

    you dont have to guess tina, theres a pic right there ^

  • Carolina

    It;s amazing how Kim still looks gorgeous!

  • Tina

    Well Lauran we don’t really quite see what is on their feet. Maybe Ireland’s heels are higher than Kim’s, or maybe she has on heels and Kim doesn’t. We can’t really tell by this pic now can we?


  • kira

    i am a friend of ireland. she is funny smart and gorgeous. she is very nice. if any one has any thoughts bad abot her dont. shes amazing and down to earth

  • Savannah

    UMMM ok kim basinger is the nicest person in the world!
    she is not trying yo destroy the relationship but mend it

  • William Rochester

    she is a
    stupid Pervert!!!!

  • Lance

    William, who are you calling a pervert? I read all 10 comments before yours and the most racy thing said was Wow, she’s only 13? You’re either have an attractive daughter of your own that you worry about or you’re projecting your own perverted thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    I read that she was born in 1993 so that would make her 15 so what is the truth?

  • Mina

    She was born on October 23, 1995. so she is 13.

  • Kendra

    Kim Basinger is 5’7 and Alec Baldwin is about 6’0 so it wouldn’t be unusual for Ireland to be 5’10 – even at age 13. My parents are the same heights as Ireland’s and I was about 5’8 when I was 13 and eventually reached 5’11.

    As a side note, why does this site have a poll asking if Kimora Lee Simmons is pregnant? She’s already publicly announced that she and her boyfriend are expecting. What exactly are we voting on?

  • Carolyn

    I think “Ireland” is a beautiful name! Why would anyone think it was odd? Especially if you consider other celebrity children names (…Rumer? Apple, anyone?)

    She’s of Irish heritage after all – and with those pale blue eyes and gorgeous skin, she certainly looks it! It’s a stunning name for a stunning girl. I just hope this “reunion” with her father is a sign of good things to come for her…

  • Bryn

    Wow she’s heading toward 6’0 territory. Hopefully Ireland will top off at 5’10, plenty tall enough.
    Definitely looks like Alec.

  • Angela

    I’d give anything to be 6’0 tall woman. I’d hate being some sawed-off tiny little twit. I’m 5’6 and average is B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!

  • mom4bob

    What do you mean by “plenty tall enough”, Bryn? Do you feel there is something wrong with being taller than 5’10? I’ve been 6’1 since I was 15, and I love it. Trust me when I say there’s nothing negative about being tall, willowy, and having more than half of your height be long legs!!

  • angle

    she is pretty! 😀 im thirteen going on fourteen and i dont know any 13 year old girls who look like that (not that there not pretty)

  • S.

    she’s got her momie’s stunning eyes, nose and lips, and kim is, kim is, kim is….one of the best actresses to come out of hollywood in the past 30 years, and still she is so, so beatiful…can anyone tell what I huge crash I have here, lol…

  • bbff

    their actually both wearing the same size heels on that night and yes ireland is actually REALLY tall

  • Olivia

    Wow! She looks SO grown up. She seems very mature and definetly resembles her parents. Im almost 13 and i hope im as tall as her. Im only 4’6

  • Anonymous

    People who are talking about her height and what a big deal it is…I knew a girl when I was in the 8th grade and the girl was in the 7th grade and she was around 5’9 at age 12. Now she’s around 5’11 or 6 foot something at 19 1/2 years old. I know another girl who was 12 and in the 7th grade (she hadn’t turned 13 yet) and she was around 5’11. I think it’s great that’s she’s tall. She looks beautiful.

  • Marcus H

    I think ireland looks 16, too. But if she truly is 13, I would like to go out with her. I am 14, and 5”7.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, her daughter is VERY tall. When I was her age, I was only 5′ 2. Now that I am 21, I’m thankful for being 5′ 6″. But though she’s 14, she still has some more to grow (about 6-7 more years) because girls don’t stop growing until they’re 21.

  • Anonymous

    I still find it impressive that we can all sit here and comment on how tall she is or isn’t. Society makes it perfectly acceptable for one to say “Wow, she’s tall!!”, however, if we were to make a different comment regarding weight, it would be a completely conversation here. Imagine how society would be if we could all walk around telling people how cool it is that they’re fat.

    p.s. I’m 6’7, and have been over 6′ tall since i was 12.

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