Melissa Joan Hart’s Boys Are A ‘Constant Workout’

It’s been a busy year for actress Melissa Joan Hart, between potty-training her 2 1/2-year-old son Mason and welcoming her now 8-month-old, Braydon. Melissa credits the “constant workout” of raising two boys for staying fit post-pregnancy.

“You don’t have time to eat because you’re chasing them all the time!” she said Friday at the Jonas Brothers launch of 77 Kids by American Eagle in Los Angeles. “You kind of lift them in the car seat, out of the car seat, in the highchair, out of the highchair.”

Luckily, Mason has been a dream as a big brother, although he is “just getting to the stage where he kicks [Braydon] when he walks by him. But for the first eight months he’s been a dream.”

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Even with the extra challenge of helping a 2-year-old adjust to a new sibling, things with Braydon have been “great,”

“Because he’s teething he sticks his tongue out all the time,” she says. “We took family photos yesterday for our Christmas card and he just kept sticking his tongue out. It was really bizarre, but cute.”

Melissa is, however, dealing with one small worry with her youngest,

“He’s been crawling or scooting for like months now, but he’s starting to stand and balance on his own,” says Hart. “I’m a little concerned that he’s skipping the crawling stage because I hear that they’re not good readers if they don’t crawl.”

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  1. That’s new to me…I never heard that about crawling being related to reading.

  2. I hadn’t either, but someone commented on another site with this –

    “It has to do with the Tonic Labrythine Reflex (TLR), one of those primitive reflexes that babies are born with. If it isn’t switched off by 8-9 months, it can mean neurodevelopmental problems, such as with crawling, and later with reading.

    So it isn’t that a lack of crawling causes the reading problem; rather, the lack of crawling and the problem with reading are caused by the same problem — the continued presence of the TLR. But this is only one of many reasons why some children don’t crawl. Not every child who doesn’t crawl has an uninhibited TLR, and so not every child who doesn’t crawl will have problems reading.”

  3. I’ve never heard that either? Interesting because I have one that never really crawled and one that is a crawling maniac.

    Both boys, and I completely agree—they ARE a workout!

  4. Cari

    I heard that the longer they crawl, supposedly the more voracious reader they become.

    I heard that from my mother in law actually.

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