Russell Crowe & His Boys Share A Tender Moment

On the way off the set of his new movie State of Play in Los Angeles, actor Russell Crowe paused to give son Charlie, 5 next month, a kiss, while younger son Tennyson, 2, rested on comfortably on his shoulders. Tennyson also had fun playing with his dad’s long hair. Russell definitely isn’t shy about hugs and kisses in public!

State of Play is due out next year, as is Nottingham.

Photos: PhamousFotos/Splash News; Anthony Monterotti,

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  • me

    i love to see pictures of russell with his family

  • me

    But I thinks the paps sould take pictures just every month and not every two days , it’s too much !

    His older son, Chrlie don’t like the paps very much, and who will ?

  • gia

    he has a reputation for having a bad temper, but he always looks like such a loving dad. its sweet.

  • lanette

    it really is no surprise that the man is that way in public with his kids….i mean damn they are his kids.

  • Francisca Susi

    It’s always a guilty pleasure to see Russell and his adorable boys! I know it’s too much sometimes, but I can’t help it. 🙂 It would be great if they could spend time together without the attendance of the papz tracking their every move with their cameras. Poor Charlie, he hates the papz for sure!

    I love the way they spend time together. Russ is such a loving and doting dad. It glows my heart to see his closeness to his boys, how he shows all his love and attention to them. They’re handsome and cute beyond belief! Charlie looks more dad and Tennyson’s like mom, Danielle.

  • AnswerGuru

    Absolutely lovely pictures! And, my god, do those boys resemble their father or whaaat?

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