Last Day To Enter: Giveaway – Robeez Cozy Collection

Perfect for winter, Robeez has introduced its Cozy Collection for both boys and girls. These soft, cuddly warm shoes and booties have faux-fur lining and touches of embroidery and ribbon. Cute and stylish but also practical, Robeez are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development. The Cozy Collection is now available online and in-store. Prices range from $32 to $49 and are available in sizes for newborn up to two years.

Robeez footwear has been spotted on various celebrity tots such as the Mahoney twins, Violet Affleck, Hazel Moder, and Ryder Robinson just to name a few.

We are giving away 5 pairs of the Cozy Collection Robeez! Each lucky winner will choose their favorite style.

*HOW TO ENTER* Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite Cozy Collection booty / shoe for boys or girls and 5 winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day. This contest ends Wednesday, November 19th at 7 P.M. EST. Entries are welcome from our USA and Canadian readers only. Good luck!

Congratulations to the winners of our Tiny Revolutionary giveaway: Janet, Kristine & Joanne

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  1. Tiffany

    I love the Robeez booties in Brown. And yes Angelina is a classic beauty!

  2. gia

    love the Robeez Fashion Booties Black..very hip for a baby!

  3. Melissa Rhoads

    I love everything Robeez. Favorite boot is the winter white color. My daughter wears Robeez daily. Today she is in the pink shoe with rainbow color elastic-so cute! Robeez are perfect for new toddlers like my 11 month old who is getting so mobile!

  4. stell

    I like the brown ones best. They look so cozy, my son will surely love them!

  5. Tina

    I love these cute robeez! I would love the girls collection for my daughter.

  6. Rachel

    I love the Robeez booties! I bought the off white ones for my daughter a couple of years ago and got the neutral color so that my “then” baby on the way could wear them as well! HE wears them all the time!

  7. KayR

    These are all so cute. I would love to get these for my sister…… who is due with a girl in March!!!!!

  8. jenniferd

    I love Robeez! These booties look so warm! My fav are the baby booties in cream – very versitle!

  9. Meara Demko

    My daughter has worn nothing but Robeez for each of her 12 months! We LOVE the black faux fur trimmed fashion booties! I haven’t seen them anywhere yet!

  10. Lisa

    Love the cream Robeez Baby Booties!

  11. KK

    Anything Pink for my baby girl due in January- SO cute!!!

  12. Amelia

    I’m simple so I love the baby booties in cream…they look so cozy and cute!

  13. Carmen

    I like the booties in Cream. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Edina

    I love the Robeez booties in Brown, but would love to have them all for my little girl!!

  15. Luxe

    The ones in cream are really cute and its great for those whom what to choose something gender neutral. I would love to win these for my brother and SIL since they are not finding out the sex.

  16. Alison

    I love the Robeez Booties in brown. They would be just adorable on my little angel this weekend.

  17. Jessica

    I absolutely adore the Robeez Baby Booties in cream. Everything today is so unnatural. Made with fake over synthesized fabrics and hard plastics and rubber. I absolutely adore Robeez because it they are so simple and natural. My daughter wore Robeez sandals in the summer and is constantly wearing the classic Robeez around the house. These boots are adorable. They are perfect to keep those toes and ankles warm! I say ankles because it is such a task to keep my daughters pants around her ankles and I always fear her little legs will get cold. With these boots they will keep her ankles warm! I haven’t bought her boots yet once again due to the fact that a 7 month old does not need boots with thick rubber bottoms. She doesn’t walk so I don’t want to add extra weight. That is why I love Robeez!

  18. Kristy

    I love the pink winter booties!

  19. Alany

    I love the Robeez booties in Cream…very cozy and cute looking.

  20. I love the Robeez Booties – brown Size 3-4 years! So cute!!

  21. Alisa Raley

    Robeez Booties – brown – for Boys, size 12-18 mos.
    Thanks for the chance!

  22. Terra Heck

    My favorite are the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Brown.

  23. Renee

    Robeez are great. They stay on very well and are a great alternative to barefeet for learning to walk. We’d love the boys collection for our son.

  24. Jenny-Loo

    How cute! I like the Robeez Fashion Booties Black

  25. Nicole

    I absolutely love the brown heart booties. Robeez shoes are the only shoes I use since they are so soft and easy on their tiny feet but yet are structurely designed to be so strong!

  26. I love the little pink shoes. It doesn’t get that cold here in Georgia so she could get more use out of the shoes than the booties.

  27. I love the brown Robeez for my daughter, and when she outgrows them, my nephew could wear them!

  28. Cassie

    I love the Pastel Pink Booties! I love pink and brown – so darling!

  29. Susan

    My fav are the blue boots. My sons socks fall off at daycare so I need to make sure he has shoes on… I just got a pair of dinosuar robeez and love them! They stay on all day long… no chilly toes here!

  30. I love the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Pastel Pink. So cute.

  31. Aubrey

    Love them, love them, love them. One of the very few shoes that stay on my little girl. šŸ™‚

  32. Monica

    I really love the pink ones!

  33. Rebecca

    I really love the the blue ones!

  34. Tobster

    I would love the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Pastel Pink. Our little girl will be born this winter and we want to keep her tootsies warm!

  35. Joanne

    I love the Robeez Brown Heart Booties. They would be perfect for my 7 mth old.

  36. tara

    I love Robeez, my little one already has a pair of shoes and they are great. I like the Cream Booties best out of the winter collection. They would be perfect for keeping her warm this winter šŸ™‚

  37. Kelsey

    I’d love to win the Cream Boys Robeez for my mom that is expecting in January =] These are just plain adorable!

    Thanks for the chance to win =]

  38. I love the girls booties collection. So adorable.

  39. Nicole

    I love the Brown Booties! They look perfect for our cold winters šŸ™‚

  40. Elizabeth

    I love the brown booties. I am having trouble finding boots for my little ones teeny tiny feet. I need to get me some of these!

  41. Dana C

    I think the robeez booties in navy are just wonderful. They provide warm weather protection for little guys that you don’t get with other soft soled shoes. I’d love to have a pair in 18-24mos for my son. We just love robeez products!

  42. Jenn Senior

    I love the blue and brown ones .. we love soft shoes here !! how cute are these šŸ™‚

  43. Ashley

    I love Robeez! Last year I was lucky enough to have a pair of the blue booties gifted to my son, and he wore them all winter. I would love to have another pair this year!

  44. Jodi

    I love Robeez! The brown with the heart are the cutest. I have a five month old baby girl.

  45. Diana

    I love the brown with pink hearts! šŸ™‚

  46. bre

    I love the cream white winter boots, my sister has them for the boy and girl twins, they are a very neutral colour and are great for both girls and boys.

  47. Pumpkins Mommy

    I just adore the boots in pink with white. Just beautiful! I always had my son in Robeez – and plan to keep my baby girl in them too!!

  48. Ash

    The robeez navy blue booties are too cute.

  49. I like the Robeez booties in brown, so cute!

  50. Lily

    I like them simple: the brown cozy booties for boy or girl!

  51. Dawn Hudson

    My son would love to wear the brown ones. They are so cute.

  52. I love the boy booties in Navy. My little one will love them! Thanks!

  53. Carla Pullum

    I like the Girls Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Brown !!!

  54. JenR

    I love either the snow princess or booties in pink–of course, as pink rules in my house!

  55. Lisa

    Would love the cream booties for my boy!

  56. Joanne

    The Robeez Pink Heart Booties are adorable.

  57. Cherie

    Robeez Booties – pastel pink are adorable!

  58. Kristin McKean

    I love the Robeez Snow princess shoes. So precious!!

  59. Lisa

    The cream booties are such a classic…looks great!

  60. leah

    looks so comfy that i wish i could have a pair for myself. love the cream baby booties.

  61. Cristina McKinnon

    Love the Snow Princess in Cream! So CUTE!

  62. ivy

    my favorite are the blue booties

  63. TXCatLady

    Hard to chose! They are all so cute!

  64. Karah

    I absolutely would love to get the Robeez Snow Princess in Pastel Pink for my little niece Cassidy. I think her mom would just die if I got them for her!

  65. Naomi

    I just love the cozy booties in navy. It would be so cute to see my son run around in them.

  66. Cassie

    I love the Pastel Pink Booties! I love pink and brown – so darling!

  67. Kristin

    I love the Robeez baby booties in all three colors! Robeez makes great shoes!

  68. Kristy

    I love the booties in pink and cream!

  69. Amy

    Love the girls pink bootie… my daughter would LOVE how warm they keep her toes šŸ™‚

  70. Andrea

    I absolutely adore Robeez! My favorite from the boys collection would have to be the robeez fashion booties in black. They’re just so stylish, and look so comfortable!

  71. I love the Robeez Booties in Brown. My son wore them last winter and they kept his feet warm and adorable!! Would love another pair for this winter!

  72. Sarah

    The boots would be VERY cute on my little girl. I love the cream and brown.

  73. Tiffany

    Robeez Booties in Brown for boys for my little Dean 3 to 6 months

  74. KellyB

    The brown booties are super adorable!

  75. Alison

    LOVE the Robeez Booties in brown. They would be so cute on my little girl this winter in the cold midwest.

  76. JenR

    the snow princess or booties in pink of course!!

  77. Kelly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes! My favorite are the cream ones…for my little guy on the way (due in 7 weeks!). Would be so perfect for winter.

  78. Pam

    I am totally in love with the black ones!

  79. Crista

    these are great! my son used them – and my daughter will be one in February, so what a great time to get a really cute pair! thanks!

  80. Bethany

    The pink ones are so sweet. It would be hard to choose!

  81. Terra Heck

    My favorite are the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Brown pair.

  82. Natalie

    I love the Robeez Baby Booties in cream it will be perfect for my baby this winter.

  83. Joanne

    The Robeez cream bootie are also cute

  84. Cindy

    I love the low booties in pink!! We love Robeez here, I would love to win these for my daughter!! =)

  85. janice

    Love the Robeez Fashion Booties Black perfect for winter!

  86. Baby Booties in Cream are my favorite since they’d match everything my 10-month-old wears! šŸ™‚ What a great give away!

  87. KellyB

    Totally adorable, love the cream ones!

  88. Amy

    Love the pink bootie! My daughter loves her Robeez šŸ™‚

  89. Cassie

    Love the Pastel Pink booties!

  90. Kristin

    I love Robeez – especially the cozy bootie in cream.

  91. Kristy

    I love all the robeez products. I would love to get some boots in a gender neutral colour.

  92. Alicia

    I love the Robeez booties in brown for boys!

  93. Tiffany

    Robeez in brown for my little Dean Alexander

  94. Jana

    I love “Robeez” cuddly warm shoes and booties!!

  95. Crista

    Too hard to pick! I love them all! they are great in keeping socks on little feet as well.

  96. Joanne

    All the Robeez’ are wonderful.

  97. Terra Heck

    How cute! My favorite pair are the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Brown.

  98. Lisa

    I love Robeez! Would love the booties in cream.

  99. Pumpkins Mommy

    I am just in LOVE with the pink and white Robeez booties!!
    Robeez are such a fab product – every child should own a pair!

  100. Alicia

    I love the brown booties for boys! Harrison would look so cute and warm in them!

  101. Tiffany

    Dean is taking pics soon and the brown robeez would look so cute on him.

  102. Joanne

    All three of the Robeez booties are great.

  103. Amy

    Sadie would love the pink booties!! She has on the cute owl Robeez today.

  104. Alison

    I LOVE the Robeez Booties in almost any color. The white are adorable, but I know my daughter would ruin them in a heartbeat. So I’m tempted to say I love the brown, or the blue, or the pink…too many choices!!!

  105. Sarah

    Robeez, gotta love them! They are the only shoes my daughter wears!

  106. Kristin

    They are all adorable but I love the booties in cream. Robeez has great shoes!

  107. KellyB

    They are all really cute, I like the brown & cream the best..

  108. Colleen

    I love the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Brown. They are super cute and go with any outfit.

  109. Melissa Rhoads

    I love the Robeez snow princess in the cream color. I’m hoping to win a pair for my dear daughter for her 1st birthday which is next week on Thanksgiving Day!

  110. Amelia

    baby booties in cream are my favorite!

  111. Cindy

    Love the lower pink version for my baby girl!!!

  112. Jillian

    I love the brown and cream ones…too cute!

  113. Maria

    I love how these robeez look soo warm!!

  114. Bethany

    The pink and brown ones are adorable.

  115. Kristy

    I love theb Robeez booties in neutral brown. Matches everything!

  116. I love the Girls–Heart brown booties.

  117. Jeremy Usry

    I like the boys booties in cream!

  118. Samantha

    My favorite are the brown booties with the heart. My best friend is having a baby on Monday and I think they would be adorable for her little winter baby šŸ™‚

  119. Pencils

    I love the Heart Pastel Pink booties! So cute.

  120. Crista

    I love the brown heart ones! my litle girl will be walking this winter and these will come in handy šŸ™‚

  121. Katie

    I like the pink with the brown fur.

  122. Tobster

    I’ve heard such good things about Robeez, and they’re so darn cute! My favorite is the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Pastel Pink!

  123. krysta c

    Those blue booties are adorable! they would look great on my little man!

  124. Joanne

    I would love a pair of the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Brown for my peanut. I’ve sort of gotten so carried away with the spending for my little girl – in my defense, she’s my first and theres so much darn cute stuff for girls – that I accidentally dipped into our joint bank account, the husband found out and now he’s got me on lockdown – I’m actually on an allowance!

  125. Maria

    oops, forgot to say that my favorite are the pastel pink w/hearts!

  126. Anonymous

    Favourite is definitely the Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Pastel Pink šŸ™‚

  127. Lisa

    I like the cream booties for Boys…beautiful!

  128. Natalie

    Love the heart brown and the heart pink…too cute!!!

  129. LJ


  130. tara

    I’m really loving the Robeez Baby Booties in Cream- I think they would look so fabulous on my daughter, and would keep her nice and warm this winter.

  131. Lindsey

    I love the Robeez in brown! They are so cute and perfect for winter!

  132. I love the Fashion Booties Heart Pastel Pink

  133. jackie

    these are too cute. I would love for my little princess to have a pair.

  134. Sperry

    I want to win the navy ones for my beautiful baby boy Noah!!! Thanks!

  135. Kelly

    I love the cream booties. SOOOO soft and sweet looking!

  136. Maria

    Ooooh, these are adorable!! I’ve never seen them before until now! My best friend is pregnant and due this Christmas, this would make a great gift for the baby! It gets really cold here in Winnipeg, Canada! Since she doesn’t know the gender of the baby, my choice would be the black one!

  137. sandra kao

    i love the brown cozy booties

  138. Ali

    The brown and pink boots are as cute as can be!!! What little girl wouldn’t want to be in these stylish boots with fur/and a little heart flair! Bring on the cute dresses, and boots!

  139. mj

    Fashion Booties Heart Brown- they’re all adorable, though!

  140. MomE

    My favorite is the fashion booties heart brown! And I’ve wanted them so bad, but don’t have the money! Please, please, please let the angels be smiling on my entry!! šŸ™‚

  141. Elda

    I’m loving them all, but mostly the adorable ones with the hearts!

  142. Christa

    All of these Robeez are so cute and fashionable! The pink ones with the brown fur are precious.

  143. Jeanette Jackson

    I like the Boys Brown Booties

  144. Janet

    I like the Fashion Booties Black! I wish they had them in MY size!

  145. Lyndsey

    I love Robeez. I bought the pink booties last year for my niece and my sister and brother-in-law love them, and say she will be so “fashionable”. I also bought her a bunch of other Robeez shoes. I am having a little boy, and love the cream & brown booties. I ordered him a bunch of the shoes already, but not yet the boots. I want him to wear only Robeez, I’m obsessed!! I first saw them and read about them in a little boutique but wanted more options for colors and went to the website. I love that they are good for the baby/toddler’s feet as well!

  146. Jofigirl

    I would LOVE the cute brown ones!

  147. Amber Rose

    I love the Robeez Fashion Booties Black, or Heart Brown. Thanks for the Great contest! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everyone!

  148. Renee

    I love robeez. I have used them now with three of my kids. They are great becasue we live in cold weather and it keeps their feet so nice and warm. I love the boy blue ones.

  149. Jennifer G

    The pink ones are so adorable. My princess would love them.

  150. Beth

    My twins would wear only Robeez shoes while learning how to walk and now that I am pregnant with number 3 I know that she will love the Robeez collection just as much as my sons loved their shoes. The best color and style is the nude boot! It can be dressed up or down!!

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