Sarah Wayne Callies Takes A ‘Prison Break’

Sarah Wayne Callies takes a lunch break with her 16-month-old daughter Keala — who digs right into mom’s food, while on the set of Prison Break Wednesday in LA.

Sarah, plays Dr. Sara Tancredi, on the Fox network series airing Mondays nights at 9pm.


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  1. caroline

    cute baby. WAIT! i thought her character was killed off in the show. Are they bringing her back? If so good!!!

  2. Lisa

    Looks like she’s back from the dead – here’s a quote from Wikipedia

    “In March 2008 Olmstead stated that the character of Sara is still alive and would return in Season 4 of Prison Break. Though the character Sara Tancredi appeared to have a violent death Olmstead stated “…we realized that there was actually a way she could still be alive.”[3]. When asked by Kirstin of E! whether the fans’ overwhelming response to her death (namely the STGD Campaign and had factored in, Excecutive Producer Matt Olmstead admitted it had indeed influenced the decision

  3. tess

    OMG!! Keala is sooo cute. I think she looks like Sarah. it’s the first time that I see a pic of her.

    And yes, Sarah return to prison break, and that is great news cause I love her character and I really like her as an actress.

    it would be nice if you get more pics of her, we don’t see her too much maybe she doesn’t like show her daughter to the paparazzi.

  4. lee

    she is gorgeus! and the baby is so cute,oh my! i love her. the woman really has ‘manners’. keepitup sarah

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