Grandparents Thrilled To Welcome Bronx

Unorthodox name aside, both sets of grandparents are thrilled to welcome baby Bronx into their lives!

“We’re thrilled. [Bronx] stayed up late the first night, smiling at everyone who came into the room,” according to the Fall Out Boy bassist’s parents, Pete and Dale Wentz. “He already seems to have the independence and charm of both of his parents.”

Ashlee’s parents, Joe and Tina Simpson, are equally thrilled,

“We are happy beyond words and incredibly proud of Ashlee and Pete,” they said in a statement Friday. “They are unbelievable parents already, and we can’t wait to spend Bronx’s first holidays together with the whole family. We are truly blessed.”

Click below to read about that a baby name expert has to say about Bronx’s name!

In other news, a name expert from Us Weekly, Linda Rosenkrantz, co-author of The Baby Name Bible, decided to try her hand at explaining the name Bronx Mowgli.

The Bronx, a NYC borough, “was named after Dutch settler Jonas Bronck,” but unlike the name Brooklyn, it will probably not become popular as a child’s name.

“Bronx has a much harsher, grittier sound, and the nickname Bronxie has something of a negative feel,” adds the expert.

And as for the name Mowgli? It “was created by Rudyard Kipling for his Jungle Book stories” – stories that were then turned into an animated Disney film in 1967. The name itself does not have a real meaning,

“Even though in the stories Mowgli was said to mean ‘frog,’ it was actually made up by the author and has no real meaning,” she adds.

The reason they probably chose it? Because “obviously they’re into Disney big time!” Rosenkrantz says.

“Just weeks ago, the mother-to-be was given a Winnie the Pooh-themed baby shower,” Rosenkrantz says. “Prior to that, the couple were married in an Alice in Wonderland-themed ceremony.”

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  • Anna

    I am not sure about the name. i think people/parents going way to far with this weird choices of names. I know they want their children to be unique but with those names its just ridiculious nothing else.

    i mean bronx and mowgli, is that for real ?? Is that even possible to name a child after that ??

    Just strange world today 🙂

  • Erica

    I like the name Bronx..I would use it as middle name especially since I’m a Yankee Fan..Mowgli is weird yet understandable since they love Disney! Who knows maybe the baby was conceived in the Bronx?

  • suz

    I hope the Simpson clan continue to keep their distance and let this really nice and seemingly normal couple have their own life. That Joe Simpson is intrusive and a pathological attention seeker.

    After reading that comment I hope he realizes that there are TWO sets of grandparents who want to be involved in this child’s first Christmas and life.

  • Lala

    The name is hideous. But I do remember reading some story abuot how they spend a lot of vacation time in a jungle somewhere surrounded by monkeys and other wildlife. Maybe thats why they chose Mowgli. But *shudder* its absolutely hideous.

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