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  • Devin

    The NYT article proves what a manipulative whore she is. Her image of motherly goodness was invented to deflect from the fact that she is a wretched human being. She didn’t just evolve into this good person. She created a persona using motherhood and refugees with no shame, and now she is living it. Most people knew that, this article just validates what a fake disingenuous person she is.

  • Anon

    Devin, every time I post about how she uses those kids to shape her image, people come on here and start defending her and Pitt because charities benefit, apparently. Well, even the media can’t keep it covered up anymore. She has sold each kid for certain amount of money in aid of charities but mostly in aid of herself and Pitt.

    They have amassed almost $13m or so from the sales of their kids’ pictures through the years and they keep saying that they are donating all of them to charity. What they have done is put the money into a foundation and they are so deceptive with it that when they do give money to charities, they make people believe that money from the Jolie-Pitt foundation is coming from their own pockets but that is not the case. They spread what they are giving out around the year and these donations come with a press release preaching about how others should join them in helping the world, mentioning the amount and almost always close to when they have a movie coming out.

    So, when you hear that money they’ve donated is from the Jolie-Pitt foundation, it just means that they are donating some money from their many picture deals and so far, they have made about $13m from selling their children.

    Two millionaires and the donations to charities come at the expense of their kids’ privacy. Go figure and yet, they both act like they are so above the Hollywood games by acting all high and mighty. Jeez, when did Brad Pitt become such a plum?!

  • Lala

    I want her to go away.

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