The Klum Kids Hit Legoland

Heidi Klum decided to celebrate son Johan‘s 2nd birthday at Legoland in Carlsbad, California with Johan and his siblings Leni, 4, Henry, 3, (not pictured) yesterday. Heidi made sure to get her own pictures of the outing!

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  • How did the paperazzi know they were there? I assume they are not hanging out there on a day to day basis. Someone must have tipped them. I hope it wasn’t the park itself, that would be wrong.

  • Sarita, either someone tipped them off, or they followed Heidi there. There are some celebs (Gwen Stefani for instance) that, because paparazzi know where their house is, they will actually wait outside and then follow a celeb when they go somewhere. (JFX Online actually does this with Gwen – they will wait outside their house in the morning and literally follow them all day long.)

  • Cathrine

    Leni looks like her natural dad Flavio Briatore.

  • Nita O.

    I could suppose the press followed this family, but then again…

    I’ve been there with my kids while David and Victoria Beckam (is that spelled correctly?) were there , as well as a separate time when Ice Cube, who speaks to us just plain folk, was there.

    If one were part of the local press, it might be a frequent haunt.

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