Helena & Tim Have Fun With Baby Nell

Director Tim Burton and his partner, British actress Helena Bonham Carter, had fun playing with their two kids Billy Ray, 5, (not pictured) and Nell, 11 months, at a park in Malibu.

Tim and Helena are currently working on their new movie Alice in Wonderland.

Photo: Richard Harding/PacificCoastNews.com

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  • Aribella

    Nell seems to be losing weight!

  • Lora

    Couldn’t we stop for a moment and think about what we’re saying when we say that a baby is “losing weight”. Geez. Give the kid a break. I’m sure Nutri System is in talks with her right now to be their next spokesperson. How annoying! She’s a baby.

  • Monica

    does Helena look in the mirror before she leaves for the day and say- Ok, this looks good, I’m ready. Seriously, she kinda creeps me out a bit. Although, I do kinda like her movies 🙂

  • Lala

    She’s essentric and I think she met someone who not only liked that about her, but brought more of it out, I do remember when she was kind of a box office phenom, and that was before Tim Burton, its kind of like they bring out the funk in each other, which is great. they have a lovely family. Is the look for me? no, but I live that she can be that way and it works for her and dosent’ turn him off.

  • Aribella

    That was not meant as judgemental statement, simply as a observational comment. Some children are heavier than others, almost all thin out as they begin to move more. I was simply commenting that she must be moving more.

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