Nicole Kidman Hopes Sunday Has A Southern Accent

Nicole Kidman, her husband Keith Urban and their daughter Sunday, 4 1/2-months, all live in Nashville, Tennessee, and Nicole is hoping that will one day show in her daughter’s accent!

“I’m glad that [Sunday] is able to say she’s born and bred in Nashville and Tennessee,” Kidman told Nashville’s Tennessean, of the place she calls home with her husband, Keith Urban, and daughter, Sunday Rose – “I hope she has a Southern accent.”

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Nashville seems to be the perfect place for the small family, who don’t seem to notice that they are playing host to a famous family – “Or if they did, they didn’t say, and that is lovely,” Nicole says. Adding that they “never get bothered,” and it really “has been a perfect match for me,” Nicole says Keith wants her to keep it a secret “because it’s so beautiful.”

It was also the perfect place to give birth to Sunday,

“I think there is nothing more to say other than it was peaceful and that I think that is the most important thing,” she says. “It was very simple and people allowed us that very, very special moment to, I suppose, fuse together more and also bond with our baby.”

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  1. Deyannmarie

    I am glad she is happy with her daughter, Sunday. It’s great. However, I rarley see her with her other children: Connor and Isabella? Sunday looks like she resembles her mother in that picture though, it’s sweet.

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