Suri Cruise Wears Some Shades, Won’t Wear Pants

When Katie Holmes took her 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri out to lunch in New York City today, Suri faced down the paparazzi with some sunglasses – at least for a little while! The glasses came off relatively quickly – and that seems to be a habit for Suri, at least according to her dad Tom Cruise, who finally explained that “girlie girl” Suri refuses to wear pants.

“She won’t wear pants. Kate finally got her in jeans the other day. We put the pants on and walk away and the pants are off and the dress is on!”


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  • Anonymous

    So, they’re letting a 2 year old dictate what she wears. That’s smart.

  • poppy

    umm, nothing bad is going to happen if they allow her to wear dresses. I went through the same thing when I was 5. I wore dressing in winter with leggings undrenath them, I wouldn’t wear pants.

  • I just think it points to the bigger issue – they let her do what she wants, when she wants. Of course, they have religious reasons – that’s what Scientology says you should do with your kid – but they’ll have a tough time with her as a teenager.

  • tess

    I think that’s cute, and I don’t see the problem of Suri wears dresses all the time. it would be a time when she only wants wear pants, well at least that append to me.
    and stop telling that Tom and Katie are bad parents just because she’s always wearing dresses and shoes instead of wearing pants and sneakers.

  • poppy

    That’s a separate issue. LOts of parents allow their kids to wear dresses all the time and it is fine,

  • poppy

    The shoes she wears everyday on the otherhand…..

  • e

    that is too darn bad for suri.. it’s in the 20s in NYC now and that’s just irresponsible.. suri seems like a total brat and is not that cute..! sorry, but true…

  • Janie

    Suri is absolutely adorable! So precious!

  • Aribella

    Of course two year olds have control over what they wear. She is old enough to take them off herself. and put other things on herself. obviously those of you who are criticizing have never raised a child with a mind of their own.

  • Jess

    It’s their child and I agree with them. It’s important to let her have a chance to make her own decisions and feel independant even if she is only 2. It’s such a small thing and with warm tights it’s not that much different than pants in the first place. Also she appears in good health, never seems to be cold in photographs so I really don’t know what all the fuss is about over what she wears.

    Also she is totally adorable. All toddlers are cute.

  • Eva_baby

    In the grand scheme of things, letting your kid pick what they feel comfortable in isn’t a sign of lack of control by the parents or brattiness in the kid. My 4 y.o hates jeans and he is a boy. He likes “soft” pants like sweats or pull on khakis. He claims jeans are “hard’ and uncomfortable. Why would I disregard his opinions of his own comforts and discomforts when it comes to clothes jut because he’s 4? I see kids who wear their Halloween costumes as everyday wear, I know exactly why their parents allow it. You pick your battles. Really, as long as their bits are covered and they are dressed appropriately for the weather who cares? If she likes dresses, then gracious, let her wear dresses.

  • People don’t have a problem because she only wears dresses. They aren’t going “jeans are better!” They have a problem with her dressed in dresses, legs and arms uncovered, no socks half the time, when it’s winter and 20 degrees in NYC. Suri wasn’t even wearing leggings until like right now. That’s what people are upset about – not because she doesn’t want to wear jeans. It’s the lack of weather-appropriate clothing.

  • Eva_baby

    Not necessarily true. Not all the comments about her clothes have to do with the weather. People were lamenting the fact that this little girl was always wearing dresses and shoes back in the summer and Fall where the weather wasn’t an issue. People wondered why she never wore jeans or was never seen playing with other kids. It wasn’t just a function of the weather although some did cite that. The totality of comments surrounding this child range from everything from her hair (OMG, it’s too long, cut it!) to her fingernails (she’s got on polish! OMG they’re raising her to be FAST!).

  • e

    that is a nice thing to say jess, but you and I both know that all toddlers are NOT cute.. It is mean to say, but really… She is by no means ugly, but really not cute (yet..)

  • d

    even if Suri doesn’t want to wear pants, she definitely does wear the pants in that family! Who’s the parent and who is the child?

  • Natalie

    Suri has never been dressed in pants and so why would she want to be now? They are alien to her…if a baby is used to wearing hats they will wear one without fuss, but if a hat is suddenly put on their head because its cold it’ll come straight off. Same difference!

  • cat

    I forgot that all of you guys have a hand in raising Suri…..Who cares what she wears. No of you know her or her family. And just because they let her wear what she wants doesn’t make her a brat or the ruler of their family. I think alot of you are so jealous and are so quick to judge them. Lets obsess over something else people.

  • Oh please – stop with the “jealous” comments. What exactly does anyone have to be jealous of? Their money would be about it, and it’s plain to see how miserable Katie is day after day, so obviously money isn’t everything. I do not “want” Suri’s wardrobe (I never wear dresses). You can dislike something without having some deep secret want of it…at least if you’re over 12 years old.

  • Leandra

    Pack up the dresses and put them away and out of sight. In the morning lay out several cute outfits, pants and tops. Let HER choose which ones she wants to wear. She will feel in control because she’s making the decision herself. Kids love that. The problem is that the dresses are still there…put them away until she needs one for a special occasion.

  • emily

    why are the moderators getting into it with readers?

  • Being a mod doesn’t mean I cannot express an opinion. That being said, it got too ugly and I should have known better – the comments were all deleted.

  • Tasha

    I’m with Emily…it seems very inappropriate for a moderator to be arguing with readers.

  • poppy

    “That’s what people are upset about – not because she doesn’t want to wear jeans. It’s the lack of weather-appropriate clothing.”

    She probably refuses to put on a coat also. People act like Katie and Tom are being neglegant or something. And it wasn’t that cold before, and now that it is she is wearing coats. Plus, she never looks cold in pictures at all. I never see a red nose or red fingers. Stop worrying about it, ferchristsakes!

  • Sorry guys. 🙁

  • cyberkitten38

    One thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent (my girls r now teens) is that ya gotta PICK YOUR BATTLES! Is it going to matter in 20 yrs that Suri only wore dresses? no! Save the battles for issues that r REALLY important. I’m hoping this is the way Tom and Kate r raising Suri.
    Also, by letting her pick out her own’s giving her a sense of independency..nothing wrong with that at all.

  • Lala

    I don’t care what she wears but some pics of her do show her with a pink cold nose, and she is in short sleeve dresses while everyone around her is bundled up and in jackets. I won’t say they are bad parents, but I will say I feel for her sometimes, she just looks cold and tired being out at night.

  • Aribella

    She would have a cold pink nose even if she had a coat on. a coat does not prevent cold noses! get mad at them for not putting a scarf on her if you want to prevent pink noses . . .

    And i agree that it seems highly inappropriate for a moderator to be arguing with the readers. Unprofessional. expressing an opinion is one thing. arguing is a completely different thing. Especially when you are the one with the power to delete comments . . . how do we know what really happened?

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