A-Rod & Family Together Again

Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez were seen leaving Houston’s Restaurant in Florida with both of their daughters, 4-year-old Natasha and 7-month-old Ella, on Tuesday night. The family looked as if they were having a wonderful night out and Alex and Cynthia appeared to be getting along really well. A-Rod was holding baby Ella and singing to her gently while kissing her head during the walk to the family vehicle. The couple did, however, leave in seperate cars and A-Rod buckled the girls in before saying farewell to Cynthia.

This family outing is just 4 months after reports that A-Rod and Cynthia had separated after having “problems” since the birth of their second daughter. This announcement paralleled rumors about a possible affair between Rodriguez and Madonna.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Erica

    awww i adore Alex..and his girls are so cute..they look like both he and Cynthia!

  • Meg

    if this isn’t a publicity stunt i dont’ know what is. trying to get the press to stop saying he’s with madonna and abandoning his kids so lets be seen out together. he looks like he doesn’t even know how to hold a bady. sad people who identify their self worth with the amount of attention they get.

  • Ann

    You go Cynthia! I hope A comes to his senses and back to his real family…

  • lillyw

    did it ever occur to people maybe arod does love his kids and his wife, and this is not a publicity stunt, hes clearly smitten with his children whys it so hard to believe they are his kids.
    the publicity stunt is old hag madonna reported to have bought christmas presents for his kids, is she doing it to piss cynthia off some more? she wont even allow christmas to be celebrated in her own house and no presents for her own kids, but she happily buys presents for someone elses kids, the womans lost the plot, this is the same woman who cynthia blames for her marriage split.
    not only she snatch arod of cynthia she wants to rub it in her face.
    arod be a man and stick up for her family.

  • tony

    they way arod is looking at his daughter really tells he loves his kids very much. I hope cynthia and arod can work things out they look good together, sometimes you dont know what you have till its gone. coming home to nothing cant be much fun.

  • brit

    actions speak louder than words, he truely oves his wife and ex-kids something madonna can never change even if he were with her. thats a beautiful shot of him and his family.

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