Isabella & Connor Step Out To Katie’s Play

Looking all grown-up, 15-year-old Isabella and 13-year-old Connor Cruise join their family and the Beckhams to watch stepmom, Katie Holmes’, performance of All My Sons.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  • Natalie

    Connor is really growing up to be a nice young guy…..but Isabella has really bad posture which looks really bad! I know she’s 15, but is not really an excuse to look like a dork.

  • Dea

    She is only 15? OMG thought she is in her 20’s! maybe it’s just the picture angles..

  • Tasha

    Who do Connor and Isabella live with? I know they don’t live with Nicole, and though I see them with Tom a lot more than with Nicole I don’t know that they live with Tom either. It’s kind of sad to me because it seems like Tom and Nicole started their new lives with new children and often Connor and Isabella are left out. Maybe I’m wrong though, maybe they’re just not out in public with them as much.

  • The last I heard, they live with Tom’s sister.

  • V

    Isabella always looks so sad. I’ve never seen her look excited or happy with the rest of the family. Why on earth would they live with Tom’s sister and not one of their parents?! I know Tom is supposed to be super controlling with the kids, so this surprises me. Why can’t they live with Nicole? silly.

  • I am thinking this.

    Katie did interview about her family. Katie said her step children Conner , Isabella, and Tom mom all live together. Hope that helps!

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