Thomas Beatie & Family Land In Spain

Thomas Beatie – labeled “the pregnant man” by the media – arrived with his family – wife Nancy and daughter Susan, 5 months tomorrow – at the Madrid airport in Spain. Thomas is expecting a second baby, but there is no belly yet.


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  • Leandra

    Congrats on the new baby Thomas and Nancy!

  • Sherry

    Cute kid…too bad she is in that situation though.

  • miss carobbi

    a pity about the situation but she has 2 loving parents.

  • mj

    his wife looks awful. 🙁 cute kid though.

  • Pencils

    MJ–I’m not sure how good I’d look after a really long flight with a five-month-old baby! It will be nice for her to have a sibling so close in age. I’m sure they’re doing it so quickly so that Thomas can go back on the male hormones ASAP. Going on and off to have kids can’t be a good thing for his body.

  • poppy

    he looks kinda like jon from jon and kate plus 8

  • e

    i’m sorry but she is NOT a man. men do not have a uterus. men can’t give birth. I don’ care how SHE wants to live her life but really, stop calling yourself a man.

  • antigoniem

    e – His wife can’t have a baby, so whats the next best thing besides adoption?

    I wonder why women always complain to their husbands about how hard they work (not to take anything away from that) and that they wish husbands could give birth just to experience how much crap women have to go through, don’t you kinda think this is a good example in a way.

  • Dea

    Honestly I dont think he/she deserves this kind of publicity. The novelty already wore off after the first baby and now he is having the 2nd one, so what else is new? these 2 are just trying to squeeze every drop of exposure/money as much as they can.

  • Kate

    E – If you don’t care how he lives his life, then why take such issue with the gender he feels most comfortable in? You don’t get to dictate how people live their lives or how they define themselves.

  • Rinoa

    There have been many, many other men, who were born women, that have given birth. Thomas just happens to be in the public’s eye. It’s really not that weird.

  • e

    I am not dictating anything but everyone had biology in HS and knows men do not give birth. It bothers me that she is saying I am a man. I am not bashing how they want to live their life (certainly kids will be better with them then with abusive parents).. but really, men can’t give birth because they do not have a uterus. If you want to call yourself a man go ahead, but the fact is, you are not a man because men who were born men and are 100% men, can not give birth. If he wants to be a man, go ahead, but you can’t pick and choose that you want to keep some woman body parts.. if you are gonna do it, do it right.. Can’t have the best of worlds thomas!

    plain and simple.

  • bt

    I could’nt believe the beautiful woman change herself to be a man, I fell sory for the poor cute baby.I wish someday she change herself to be woman agian.

  • Nathan

    Nice baby and good luck for second one!

    I’m trying myself to have a kid the same way he did, and I wanted to do so already in 2006 and as said a lot of trans men did it already but didn’t spoke too much about it.

    If we could we would have kids like any other man, with spermatozoids, but we CAN’T the way most men can, so why not use what we have and can use, that would have been stupid from us not to think about it! So it is not like picking up only what we like and dumping the rest.
    And yes, I guess as he want to start Testosterone ASAP, that’s why he decided to try again so soon.

    Thanks for the support of most of you and grow up little Susan…

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