Helena Bonham Carter Gives Billy Ray A Lift

Actress Helena Bonham Carter was spotted out with her son Billy Ray Burton, 5, in Malibu on Saturday.

We recently saw Helena and her partner Tim Burton taking pictures of their 11-month-old daughter Nell at the park.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Jessica

    I am all about expressing your individuality but seriously what is she wearing? Those shoes are bizarre. She has cute kids though!

  • lavamouse

    is she really wearing an apron as a casual piece of clothing????

  • Pencils

    Are those Fluevogs she’s wearing? I like her though. She was so beautiful when she was younger, I wonder if she got tired of it and now she just doesn’t give a damn about being the beautiful one and dresses however the hell she feels.

  • Dea

    Seems like she is projecting Alice in wonderland. I’d chose her style than those cookie cutter blond hair/big boobs/fake tanned Hollywood girls anytime!

  • hannah

    Ah how I love HBC! She’s a brilliant actress and I’d take her (quirkiness and all) over any other hollywood moron any day! She’s adorable!

  • Leandra

    I love her quirkiness. So refreshing when everyone else is a clone of the next person with regard to style. The heels of her shoes have springs in them. People with bad backs wear them as they relieve a lot of walking pressure.

  • shirilicious

    Well, I love it when people dress quirky, edgy, in a non-Hollywood style (whatever people are calling it). But to me in these pictures HBC looks unkempt. Nothing seems to fit, her hair looks exploded, the apron is simply too much. And it isn’t like she doesn’t mind how she looks, putting such an outfit together takes its time and effort as well.

  • Angie

    I am all for having a personal style and being an individual, but there really does come a point where you cross a like and just look like a serious mess! HBC has definitely crossed that line!! Her children are adorable though!!

  • Dee

    Ditto to what Angie stated. I’m amazed at the so called fashions some in the entertainment industry wear. Seems as though their taste in said fashion is all in their mouths, cuz it isn’t in fashion sense ! leaving a bad taste in mine.
    Her son is very handsome. Future hollywood star growing there?

  • andrea

    Yeah…..I guess you could say quirky….looks a bit like a 4 year old that dug through the dress-up box and then went out to play. I’m all for comfort, uniqueness and expressing yourself, but what exactly is she saying with this outfit?!

  • Ariane

    you are much too superficial

    the woman is simply impressing

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