Tom, Katie & Suri Buy Some M&Ms

After spending the last few days hanging out with the Beckhams, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took their their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri to the M&M store in Times Square. Suri, wrapped up in a big coat, snacked from her own bag of green M&Ms!

Photos: Splash News

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  • Pencils

    I had that haircut in 1981. Doesn’t even look like Katie.

  • Just Saying

    They sure dote on her a lot…and i could see her having problems adjusting to a sibling.

  • RA

    I don’t think Katie even knows who she is anymore…

  • Sam

    That’s a healthly snack for a 2 year old NOT, Suri dosn’t need all that sugar.

  • Dee

    Why are we SSSOOOO interested in what they are feeding their child? But, poor kid, to also be spoiled constantly by mom & dad. I so hope she adjusts to the new additon and grows up “normal”

  • Sam

    We are intrested in what they are feeding Suri bescause in many photos Suri has been seen eating a cupcakes or sugary treats which are not healthy for two year old, she should be eating fruit and yoghurt.

  • I’m hoping that she only gets sugary treats when they actually go out and buy them – if we just go off pictures, all the treats are bought when they’re out and about, so.

  • Abby

    I miss the old Katie! The one with long hair and that girly personality. She defiantly has changed since Tom and Her got married.

  • Debsa

    Wow, you can really tell Tom has a new movie coming out.

    Usually his family isn’t on display this much. I think Katie looks sad in almost all photographs lately..

  • Wow I never knew there were M&M stores! I am planning a vacation to New York next year, I think I will have to go check it out.

  • Lala

    Hey at least in this pic she is wearing a warm jacket. But poor Katie looks a hot mess. that hair!

  • malunna

    Why, Why, Why?!?!?!…….i mean…why is this little girl wearing a faux fur coat?!?!?!?!…isn’t extreme that she use a diferent designer dress every day???….can they just go to gap and buy something pretty?….this girl is growin very much twisted… sorry.

    And yes katie looks so sad…or is that face a copy of her very good friend victoria?

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