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Britney Spears is trying hard for a comeback these days – she’s got a new album, Circus, out tomorrow; a documentary, For The Record, airing on MTV, and she’s doing a host of magazine interviews and covers. She sat down with Glamour magazine to talk about her life, her boys, and her hopes for the future.

On the first thing she does when she gets up: “I fix breakfast for my kids when they’re here. And then we’ll go for walks. During the day I spend most of the time with my children. At night is when I go to work.”

On how she will teach her boys to treat women: “Hopefully they will respect me by the way I carry myself, and in doing that, they will know how to respect other women.”

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On finding out her little sister, Jamie Lynn, was pregnant (she now has daughter Maddie, 5 1/2 months): It was mind-boggling!

On her advice to Jamie Lynn as a mom: “As a mother, the one thing that always goes through your head is, You’re never enough. You never can be enough—or do enough—for your kids. It’s a never-ending issue for me. I had to learn: Don’t beat yourself up so much…. You have to take it one day at a time, do the best that you can and enjoy yourself. I notice that if there are some times I’ve been stressed, because I’m human and stress about things, that affects your kids. So you have to make sure you’re a happy mom so they can be happy.”

On if she has the same “body confidence” after having her sons – Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2 – so close together: “I’m getting there. Recently I started to appreciate my body a bit more from before I had kids. But it completely changed, and I have had to work hard at getting it back to where it used to be…. I used to be obsessed with working out…. But I can’t get motivated right now because I’m so focused on my music.”

On how she feels about the example she’s been setting: “We have a nanny in the house, but there are always times when one of my kids does something bad or wrong and they’ll listen to me more than they do the nanny. So I think it’s important to set up that boundary of respect for them at a young age, so they will know, I better listen to Mommy.”

On what she wants her boys to remember her telling them: “That I love them unconditionally.”

On how she envisions life five or ten years from now: “I would love to have a lot of albums under my belt. And a couple of movies…. In five years I would like to be married and have a father figure for my kids, someone who is a provider and can be really stable. It’s hard doing it on your own.”

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  • Cristina

    “Hopefully they will respect me by the way I carry myself, and in doing that, they will know how to respect other women.”

    *raises eyebrows*

  • Jen

    Father figure for her kids? Did Kevin die and we don’t know it? Geesh. He has full custody because she’s incapable of being responsible for the lives of two small children. Last I checked it was Kevin doing everything alone, not her. (Oh wait, the kids are being raised by nannies anyway so they are *technically* the ones doing it alone, but I digress.) It’s wonderful that Britney is on the road to recovery, but she clearly has a lot of growing up still left to do.

  • gini

    Well I can’t really say K-Fed seems like the best father figure….where was he the first year or so of their life…oh yea flyin off everywhere partying leaving her alone with the kids. And Im sayin it would probably be pretty interesting if they started drug testing him like they were Britney. And hmmm where are his other kids? I was never a fan of Britney so it’s not like I’m defending her….I just despise him and the kind of person he is….rollin in her money after he pretty much left her…lol left his other babies mama too…seems like hes good at that.

  • lu

    I think britney loves her kids, and she needs the full custody.
    kevin federline is not good for sean and jayden, he doesn’t have respect for the mother(s) of his children.
    Britney had a difficult problems, and she is recovering now, and the most important thing is she loves her children, and her children need a mother and family.they r so young…
    i’m no britney’s fan, and i didn’t like when she was friend of paris and was drunked all day, but she had serious problems, and that was so sad…britney has a lot of possibilities, and she needs to live a healthy life.
    i hope she can live with sean preston and jayden, and her father be with her, because since he’s with britney, she seems happy and healthy again.

    ….please….post my comment and i suggest a poll about britney.

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